Andie's Trivia

- I have a tremendous sweet tooth.
- Music, Art, Writing, Roleplaying, Debating = Life
- The sky is the limit for me.
- Light-hearted, corny romances and I don't get along very well.
- That pastel pink is an awful color
- I laugh my a** off at The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld and Friends.
- Glee is incredible.
- Classic Disney movies are LOVE <333
- My mind is packed with weird, strange story/roleplay ideas and rather random trivia
- I've been playing piano since I was eight
- I would love to learn how to play guitar when I get the chance.
- You can find me, either in the DLS tread, Word Games (WG) Forum or Barton Roleplay forum (mostly the GN or IO for one x ones)

(more to come when I remember... hehe xD)

Who am I?

Why, hey there. Looking well today, aren't we?
What is there to say about me? Well, I just happen to be a caring, friendly, sarcastic, weird, crazy, avid-reading, writing- and roleplaying-addicted, quirky, loud, artistic, creative, classic-music-loving, sporty, theatrical, short-temptered, outspoken, outgoing, worldly, feminist, open-minded, talkative, non-conformist, critical, "cynical", realistic, dreamer, harry-potter fanatic, twilight-hating, American-European young female. Okay, you must be wondering; how is it possible for me to be all those things at once? Simple. I can be any way I please - with the exception of "perfect"... and a few other things which aren't possible for me. Since I'm only human after all, aren't I? Aren't we all?

If you are up for a literate - adv. literate one x one roleplay, some deeper "intelligent" discussion or just a chat to get to know me better or whatever else you want to do, just go ahead and PM me or comment on my profile, since I'd like to get to know you too. =D


One of my biggest dreams? To see the world. Well, I wouldn't mind seeing all of it... that's not all though. I'll keep this updated - 'cause this isn't all! Heck, not even close. =D


LOVE Dead Poets Society. Disney. War movies. Etc.
Guess which one I am? PM? Comment?

Ask me anything; follow me anywhere; hell, even crush me if you so desire.


Anywhere and Everywhere!

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Lamia en su Cabeza Report | 05/15/2012 5:47 pm
"I laugh my a** off at The Big Bang Theory"

The more we learn about the Universe (and how we're likely nowhere near the center) the less I belive in some celestial higher power! What's you're view on the Bible, btw? I'm guessing it's like mine, which can be summed up ine the "MessedUp Bible Stories" that you can see on Youtube or Newgrounds!
Professor Menschenfresser Report | 05/06/2012 4:21 pm
No need for apologies, it's a pleasure to hear from you again. Sleep disturbances are an awfully counter-productive side effect for an antidepressant, haha. Do you find your mood effected by your sleeping habits?
... oh, and you've just reminded me that I forgot to take my pills today even though they're in one of those segmented containers with the days of the week labeled on them. Err, thanks for that.

Ah, such a relief to express those sentiments to someone who agrees--I've grown accustomed to being dismissed as "gloomy" or shot hostile looks for being a "downer".
You're welcome to swear and/or rant to your heart's content when conversing with me, haha. I'm a quiet supporter of being childfree as both a lifestyle and a philosophy, so I applaud you there, and were it possible to do so without disrupting my body's hormonal balance I'd like to have the internal components of my reproductive system in their entirety removed and discarded.

Do you have your eye on a specific summer job already or will you take what you can find?
I may've known this already and forgotten the answer at some point, but are you enrolled in college presently or will next autumn be your first quarter? You mentioned exams, but I'm not sure what level of education that's for.
And if you don't mind me asking, where will you be attending university?

12 through 14 was a horrific age, no question... I'm always skeptical of people who say they were happy during that period of their life, haha.
Ah, we're the same age. It's rather a strange middle-ground, isn't it? Legally an adult but technically still a teenager; often slightly too old to spend time with the high school crowd and yet also too young to go out drinking with fellow college students. But don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for my youth.

It's perfectly fine, I understand that responding to lengthy messages requires a great deal of social and mental energy, particularly for those of us with illness-related fatigue. I tend to be a bit slow with replies for that same reason.
Is anything in particular contributing to that slew of awful feelings?

Oh hell, I'm long-winded... I'm sleep-deprived, so my mental filters aren't functioning as they should be. That's my excuse.
And my name's Montana. Like the state. Yours?
The Deuteragonist Report | 04/20/2012 7:58 am
Actually, Scar Symmetry is most often classified as melodic death metal with some prog.
Just because many of the lyrics are screamed doesn't automatically qualify something as screamo.
And Scar Symmetry is actually extremely melodic and has a lot of rather catchy songs for the genre.
This one from the same album may be more to your liking.
Stoned Crows Report | 04/19/2012 3:50 pm
hey, curious as to which lady in the pic in your sig is you. biggrin
Professor Menschenfresser Report | 03/23/2012 6:37 pm
Pardon the delayed response, I've been away for a bit.

Right, I should've assumed from context that you were referring to antidepressants.
How irritating! Even making the transition in routine from taking them in the afternoon to taking them in the morning seems such a hassle, haha.
Personally, if I don't have a solid routine I often forget to take my meds altogether.

Yes, you're absolutely right, there's just finishing school to get a job to make money to feed yourself and keep yourself sheltered and clothed
and in the mean time there's finding someone whose body you enjoy touching and whose personality you can tolerate for long periods of time
and procreating and/or adopting small animals and finally growing ill and feeble and giving in to death after the long and futile struggle.
Exciting indeed. Even the large events, the plans, the fun things to look forward to, those are fleeting and tend to be ultimately disappointing.
Obviously if I felt there was that much to live for I wouldn't be preoccupied with suicide to begin with. Anyway, excuse my ranting.

Well, spring is coming so summer will soon follow... something like that, anyway. What're your plans for the summer?
Today I'm just exhausted and lacking in mental presence--the past few days have been rather chaotic, and I need some time to just
pull myself back together. I'll go to sleep before too long, and then I have even more busy days.
"Feeling this way"? If you meant the mood I mentioned in the last comment, it was rather brief, as my temperament changes rapidly.
If you meant my depression, I've been slipping in and out of it since I was 12. And you?
earthsdragon Report | 03/22/2012 9:04 am
Thank You! :3
Professor Menschenfresser Report | 03/20/2012 10:39 am
Haha, I too have very little compassion for dismissive types but the irony of that had been lost on me...

Excuse my nosy nature, but what are the meds for? Might taking them at a different hour help?
I want to say something to the effect of
"you've considered suicide? Why, that's terrible, you should get help or something! Don't die, there's so much to live for!"
but I've been in that same state of mind off-and-on for years and it's my experience that frantic concern is worthless.

You're not "rambling", I'm interested in what you have to say; not "enough about you", I haven't even gotten to know you yet.

I'm... I don't know, not particularly good. A bit sore, tired, cross, etc.
Ideally I'd just return to bed, but engagements with family and friends are interfering.
Professor Menschenfresser Report | 03/19/2012 3:15 pm
I suffer from major depressive disorder as well so I'd have to be heartless not to empathize, haha.
And I'm experienced with days like those too, of course--hope you're feeling better today.

...incidentally, my captcha is "never give up"! Feel like I ought to relay that message.
Delirious Frog Report | 03/19/2012 10:39 am
I knewwwww eet x) You're by far the most gorgeous of the four, dearie.

Professor Menschenfresser Report | 03/19/2012 2:32 am
Completely understood, depression renders the most spectacular among us hopelessly blind to our own charms.
But if an observation can improve your day, I'm glad!
If you don't mind me being nosy, why were you thinking of going home early? If it's a serious ailment then I hope I haven't persuaded you to act against your best interest.