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everybody know I'm a ******** monster
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Musical Note Report | 10/17/2014 10:44 pm
heart bffs 4vr ryde or dye bitcheshappy friday
The Keasbey Knight Report | 06/01/2014 10:06 pm
I've been noted for being kind most of the time!

Of course I also tell the truth whenever possible!
The Keasbey Knight Report | 06/01/2014 9:58 pm
Just popping in to say I've read your posts and seen your pics and you've got brains and beauty. You're a dangerous combination! 3nodding
florida son Report | 05/30/2014 5:30 am
mine is zhuangzhii. i'll add you!
wow, your laptop is impressively long lived; mine always die or have some kind of accident around two years. random keys have started dying on this one and it's right around that mark.
that's okay, i probably am too, hah.
yeah, it's nice to have, but i don't know if i'd do that for it. i only use it once or twice every other day
florida son Report | 05/29/2014 6:55 pm
thank you.
i think i would; most people would. if i didn't i'd probably be tempted to do it for years and years, but i still like being around and getting to know others. humans are social animals for the most part, right?
that is pretty clever. it's not what it seems at first, and it make you actually think about it. and those are both good things to strive for, although i wish it would always be easy to do them, hah.

it does, thank you.
also, do you have skype or anything like that?
florida son Report | 05/29/2014 3:32 pm
i will! it might be something i change my mind about later on, too, haha. i agree. i think something like that would be better for encouraging the happiness and acceptance of everyone you know, rather than a completely sad ceremony.
mm, well, it actually has to do with exactly what we've been talking about. after the artist went through a really bad break up and lost all his friends, he went off and spent the whole winter alone in a cabin in norway. the song describes how he felt before, and then i guess what you could call his recovery. nothing like his prior circumstances really happened to me, just a similar period of solitude and recovery.
that's really attractive to me, too. just retreating for a couple of months to somewhere rural and beautiful seems like it has so much potential for helping in whatever personal pursuits you'd like to be doing, like painting and music, as well as making you appreciate others when you are amongst them.
i think i know what you mean about doing the same things every day. if i did something every day for the rest of my life, it needs to be really fulfilling; otherwise i might get the itch to travel like that as much as i could. i'm in school to help find that, i think.
i like that! those are good words. when did you first think of them?
for sure. humanities/arts are what make life actually worth living; science and math are just what's necessary to keep us alive and comfortable in order to enjoy things like art.

p.s. that's a good idea. i might have to do it before bed, too; somehow i actually managed to hurt my leg last night while stretching in my sleep? anyway, yeah, go for it!
florida son Report | 05/28/2014 6:46 pm
awh, don't worry. it's good to plan ahead. i think i should choose a song for my funeral, too. it needs to be a poignant reminder of impermanence, but not terribly depressing, hah.
i understand, and i think i feel the same way sometimes. every now and then i'd just like to take all my savings and travel the world as long as i could, or go off and try to live in the wilderness for at least a year. i try to avoid complacency in anything, too, because it's led me to bad places before; i call it being hungry, but restless is a good description, too.
i completely agree. life is something that requires a lot of flexibility, because anything can happen; or not happen if you don't make it happen. maybe that's why so many people feel stuck.
that is really sad. colleges are supposed to be treasuries of humanity's knowledge, but it seems like they're regarded by most as nothing more than trade schools for STEM fields. i think it's a reflection of the vast influence of greed and materialism in current society, and the marginalization and devaluement of knowledge for knowledge's sake, humanities, and arts.

p.s. well, usually 5, haha. i do have a habit of ignoring my alarm and sleeping in another thirty minutes or so. but you should try! i do it as soon as i roll out of bed because it wakes you up and keeps you from falling back asleep. and once you're up like that, you get to enjoy the whole morning.
i've started trying yoga since last week, too, and i feel like it helps make for one of the best starts to a day you can get.
florida son Report | 05/28/2014 5:20 pm
p.s. oh! technically i don't because i go in at 8, but i like to wake up at 5 and exercise and make breakfast and all that, haha
florida son Report | 05/28/2014 5:18 pm
that's a very good point. we're always growing older and things are always changing, so perhaps it'd be better to choose songs that describe our reality in the present, and keep adding them to a list of songs that would have applied in the past. i just listened to blood and it was great, by the way. the guitar hits such a soft spot, ugh; and the children's singing at the end is a good touch. if you don't mind, could you explain how those two songs relate to your life?
you can be! when you're famous and your movies are in the theatre, i'm going to go see every one and i'll tell everyone i know that i know you.
for sure. if i had to decide for sure right now, i'd be a nervous wreck, you know? i guess, like you mentioned, it's cheapest to make one decision for good, but i wish it wasn't that way too. i think it's great that you've realized that you may switch your decision one day; that's a kind of understanding that i feel like a lot of people could use.
florida son Report | 05/28/2014 4:24 am
you should. i'd like to hear it when you're done. i don't have one, but i think i'll try to make one, too. the only songs i'm pretty sure about so far would be some mount eerie songs like this one. how about you, other than flaws?
i see. i definitely think you won't be doing it for the rest of your life; you're way too talented.
those are really good reasons! it i think it would be really fulfilling to create those worlds and images, like you said. would you like to direct projects of your very own, like movies or games, one day too?
i'm just doing my general studies right now, but a few majors i'm considering are history, religious studies, or philosophy; in order from most to least practical job wise, hah. i think that whatever career i could get from any of those would be good because those are also my interests, but i've thought about trying to become a professor lately. well, i've still got to think about it all, hah

p.s. aw, no worries, it was good. sorry if mine was, though, i'm so tired this morning.

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