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Location: behind you

Birthday: 01/08

Occupation: karate chopping people



Heyo c: My name is Angela.
I tend to be really derpy and random.
I'm friendly- most of the time.

I love to play games and draw.
I'm not that good yet
but I am getting better.(^o^)

I give out free art when I have time.
Samples are in my journal.
Pinoy po ako btw c;

I like potatoes~
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MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/28/2017 11:38 pm
It's my all-time favorite c:
Beautiful graphics, well thought-out, long story that hooks you instantly, and it's a huge inspiration. You really should give it a go ^w^
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/28/2017 12:20 am
*Fangirl squeal*
Ermagerd! My favorite video game!
Thank you so much Angela ~<3
franlix Report | 03/26/2017 1:46 am
zOmg cool. Hmu next time your on for it.
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/25/2017 1:32 am
So I don't have to spend forever to get to where I was. Plus, some of them had a few CL to them.
That's life XD Keep going on and on~
It happens, but you can't let it bug you. Just acknowledge that it happened and be careful next time.
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/24/2017 1:03 pm
That's what I did however long ago but I regret it >w< I'm poor now AND I still have to get my CL up to 10. Only at a 4 right now -w-
I know, it's weird. Freedom and the scare of life ahead of you. But everything turns out good in the end, just you wait~
Oh dang. I know that feeling. I had an accident during Driver's Ed. Never really got back in a car after that but I'm not too afraid anymore. I just don't own a car since my work is only a few blocks away XD
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/24/2017 1:43 am
That was before they became soulbound again. When they first got rid of zOMG, they made the items okay to sell and trade.
Oh, well happy belated birthday >w< That's cool, you're only three years younger than me c: And trust me, life gets easier as it goes along so don't worry~
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/24/2017 1:20 am
Too bad they're all Soulbound XD
"Trying to adult"? o: How old are you again?
But yes, adults are weird. Boring.
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/23/2017 11:42 am
Gaia is a good way to spend time building up nothing XD
Maybe XP I had like 58 Bil when I came back. Spent it all on Rings I once had. Now I just need to grind for orbs XD
Also I'm doing good c: Life is boring as per usual but at least things aren't bad. What about you?~
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/22/2017 2:11 pm
That's true too I suppose :3
And because I could easily spend more of that time doing something a little more productive than "GOLD GOLD GOLD" XD
MetalHeadKendra Report | 03/20/2017 11:57 pm
XD I've spent far too many pointless hours on this site, I'll hang around to chat but I won't really actually be back.
Maybe in the future :3 I have to get off my lazy butt to getting around to playing it.

Art samples~

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