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swirled sweets Report | 07/24/2014 10:47 pm
(okay this first comment is good because it lets me see my old comment since i kinda forgot some of the things we were talking about hehe gomenn ;U wink

Omggg! ;w; does your friend normally live somewhere far? ;o;
sounds like alot of fun!!!

omgg how is the manga? ;w;
I wish the anime wasn't so short ahh.. It would be so nice if they continued it hfngng
suki3utt Report | 07/23/2014 1:58 pm

        i forgot what i did >x>"

swirled sweets Report | 07/23/2014 9:57 am
tohoooooooo ;3;
Hope you've been well! heart

btw this week's one piece was really good omgggg
I'm liking Cabbage more and more
suki3utt Report | 07/22/2014 4:30 pm

        ohhhhh i love your avi ! @ 3@

swirled sweets Report | 07/16/2014 9:09 pm
Omg im so sorry tohoooo I didn't see this reply!! ;O; //cries on you

omgg okay when my wallet is alittle less empty i will go browse that site hhweeusdusdhsdsdsd
LOL omg something tells me its a scary number hahahaa

Yaaaa its my only fanmade one hehehe
The artists have such gorgeous art i couldnt resisttt ;U;
GWAHH i really want to own a few color walks thoughh!!

ohhh i seee e__e yaaa i cant read ANY japanese LOL
I want itttt!! ;___; thats so cooool

yeaa i agree ;v;

YEAH i can't waitttt
I really want to see some good, long fightss * __*

OH thats truuue, now that you mention it i really like that about him. ;v;
the fact that he has zero tolerance for pirates.
Omg that figure is niiiice!!
it would be so cool to have a figurine of each of the admirals.. * ___*
I actually want one of Garp too!! hehhehee

OHH thank you! hehehe Now i know. * U*

OOH okaay thats good. I'm glad. ;v;

Do anything special this week?? : D

swirled sweets Report | 07/13/2014 10:20 pm
omfhgfhgfgf sorry tohooooo T OT
ughhh i didnt see thiss til noww wahhh

ohh only 2hrs because i slept over at a friends house and its hard for me to sleep somewhere thats not my own bed haha
and PLUS her younger brothers friends were over too! like at least 5 of them
and they didnt sleep. they played games the whole time and were so loud hdfndfnf
omfgg thanks so much for telling this!! ;v; i never knew that ahhhh
too bad my wallet is so thin right now T UT

omgg that seems so handy!! ;O; aww i wish i could do that hehhee
I only have 1 fan artbook. ;v;
OMG thats a really good price! wahh i must try to buy one soon.. crying

LOL aww thats good! my mom still hasnt... so
i have to lie sometimes.. emotion_facepalm
omg yeahhhh ;O; ughngng

OMG i cant wait for luffy to really kick butt.
Like have a serious fight hehehe
Omg yeahhh!! I really hope sooooo

yeahh i got youu hahaha * U* and yeah i think so.. ;v; he would definitely deserve one after such a amazingly perfect series hgngng

ME TOOOO!! wahhh theres just so many things that we still need to learn!!! ;U; and im super excited for all of it!

omg yeaaahh *___* i wanna now more about him lol
YEAH thats why i love him! hahaha
I don't like Akainu though ;v;

YEAHH!! i also really like Bonnie's ability! or is her name Bonny.. * _* i forgot hngg
BUT did it get stolen by blackbeard?? ;O:
KawaiiZulle Report | 07/13/2014 5:45 am
sup bro heart
swirled sweets Report | 07/11/2014 5:52 pm
wahhh sorry for the really late replyy! ;3;
i only got 2 hours of sleep last night so im pretty out of it right now LOL
but ehehe alrightyy~ ;v;

Omgg i gotta try checking it out then! * O* and omg i can imagine... wahh

OH Daaaanggg!! * U* i didn't start reading til like 2012? ;v; i'm a noooob compared to yaaa! hahahaha
ohh yesss thats truuue ehhehee
AND YESS!! Color walks!! and OMFG I must buy that!! ;O; wahhh
can i ask how much you bought it for? hehehe
lool omg same here.
I had to lie to her and tell her that some of them were gifts from others LOL
WAhhh i love Luffy so much TUT when you see him cry your heart just shatters into 192129112 pieces and then burns to nothingness

LOL yeaaaa!!! i wonder if she has a devil fruit ability..
and if she does.. I wonder what it could be * U*
YEAHH! it makes it more excitinggg! hehe and also makes you feel good when they are finally defeated or overcome hahahaha

OMG yeahh!! i couldnt have worded that any better! ;U; Something like that would just be soooo great!!
I really hope he does that..

Hehee yeaaah!! * U* is there anything else you'd really want to see or learn more about?
maybe something about a specific character??
Ohh yeaaa!! He can turn into a dinosaurr! * -* i forgot about that hahaha

OH i just remembered i really like pika-pika! *__*
Kizaruuuu is silly and has a shady character but i like him!! hahaha

Omg thats true LOL. i would probably do that tooo hahahaa
Ahhh YEAH!! his is so interesting!! he could like.. store an army inside of him??

I forgot his name too! haahhahaha but yeahhh it does.. 0 __0
swirled sweets Report | 07/11/2014 11:00 am
Hehhee its okaay! * U*
Long comments are da best!
Ohhh umm suuure! : D
maybe if gaia fails to give me a notice again? hehe ;U;
Omggg ohh I seee! * O*
wahhh i've never bought anything from amazon japan before!!

Omg thats so cooool!! ;O; wahhh
i've always just read it online hahaaaa redface
and omg COLORSS I've been wanting to buy one of thooose!
have they made one with he time skipped crew? ;U;

Uhghgu theres just so many cool figures to buy ahhhh
//feels empty wallets
LOL ughh the struggle.

Omfgg yessssss i was in disbelief.. Like.. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? IS IT REALLY HIM!? Q AQ heart
Wahh saaame heere T __T when that time comes we can sob together!
YESSSS!! ahh i would love that so much! im actually really excited to see more of Big Mama LOL
she seems really interesting!

Ahhhh i really hope soo! Q vQ 20 more years would be so great LOL

Ahh me toooo
I wanna hear all about her time there! ;O;
and omg same with zorooo!! Yeaaaa I want to see/hear all about his experience at thriller bark!!

Ahhhh yesss mero-mero is da besttt * ___*
gosh. That ability seriously seems so good lol. Omfgg YES. KUzan is freaking amazingg ahhh

I really looove Law's ope-ope emotion_dowant
and also that new admirals!! I still want to learn more about it.. but the fact that he can basically control gravity
and summon meteors is sooo cool
emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
swirled sweets Report | 07/10/2014 9:31 pm
waahh that can be tough huh? T 3T good luck friend!
also sorryyyyy for the late replyyy ughh
gaia didnt give me a notice!!

OMfg rightt?? the time skip made so many of the characters hunky tbh * ___* my hearttt ughhu
LMAO omg.. maybe..

Omggg soo cuuute
and ahhh it sucks when they have paint errorss T OT
omg i should find a way to show you my figures hahaa
Omggg are those all manga? * __*
Omg yeahhhh the P.O.P seriess!! Alot of those look sooo gooood ;O;
This is the one i want!! hehehee Clickuu

Ahh same heeere!! ;O; omfg i was so happy to see them!! and yessss i want to hear more of Law's backstory!!!
AWW T UT hopefully once this arc does end the next arc will include more of Sabo and Koala? ;O;
maybe an arc that has to do with the revolutionaries? i have no clue tbh lool
Oda always has so many ideasss!! thats what i loooove about OP. He always has so much to show!!
I feel like he will never run out of content!! LOL.
Just the fact that the world of OP is so biiiiiiig.

Omgg YESSS. and i wanna know if Robin learned anything special during the time she spent with dragon and the others!!
I hope she learned some even cooler abilities besides the cloning!!

OMG BTW which are your favorite fruit abilitiess!? * U*


hello, you can call me toho, i’m 18 and from denmark. i have an unhealthy obsession with one piece and anything remotely related. i've listened to k-pop for a solid too long, but the only group i really care about is tvxq, as 2! i am biased towards neither despite my profile and will most likely not talk to you about them because i find myself disliking fellow fans more often than not. tl:dr i do not support db5k or jyj. and there is an incredibly slim chance i'd talk to you about tvxq either way.

random comments are ok! random adds not so much!


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