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This here is my excuse of an "About Me"
Name: Toad (any variation of it)
Age: 19, too ******** old for this.
Hobbies: Gaming and anime, cause i'm a ******** nerd.
Likes: Friends, coffee, swearing, those sick beats man.
Dislikes: Stuck-up assholes, ******** drama, doki doki bullshit.
Relationship: Taken by the most beautiful tree in all the land.
Fav Music: No trending Pop or Hip-hop. Anything else is good.
Fav Anime: Anything with butts. Also Cory in the House.
Fav Games: MonHun, Persona, and the Souls series.
3DS Code for MH4: 3711-9349-7798.
Skype: xxt0adxx (Please, tell me who you are. >:c)
That Saku
Kitsune Eos