My name's Bratt.
Call me Zay, Zanzy, Zanza or Kato.
Emotionally Gay
Sexually Bi
Puerto Rican

-Mostly Funfacts-

I am over-extreme friendly.
I prefer the right side of my body rather than the left.
Fan of DRAMAtical Murder's OST.
I am Metro-sexual.
I think the word CLICK sounds cute.
I once almost lost my right knee due to a flesh eating bacteria.
I am left with a scar of what used to be the wound on the knee. I could see the bone and currently i poke it and i feel it.
I am easy to forget.
I've never learned how to tie my shoe laces and probably never will.
I love gory anime.
I enjoy making people laugh.
When i was back in school, classmates nicknamed me Salamander cause i was extremely pale.
I have a thing for cleanliness. I tend to wash my hands alot to the point they itch. One time i couldn't grab anything cause it would feel as a burn.
I write and draw.
I do ugly avi art from time to time, freebie-ly.
I irritate people easily, even when being friendly..
I have a fetish for asians.
I code my own profile, for now.
I host Hylian Translation Contests.
I like to dance while showering.
I was learning Japanese, but after a while i wasn't so interested and stopped. I plan on resuming it sometime aswell as studying Russian, German, French, Latin, Italian, Greek
I tend to be childish but, apparently, i can be very wise when i get serious. By what some friends have said, of course.

And last, i love my friends <3

Here you go. A pic of my ugly face.-

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