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make a wish at 11:11
you promise that time will
heal the pain, right?

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Hey, I'm Michelle aka. Tira

asian and sixteen years old.
but I'm still basically like. a kid
I need more friends, so please
feel free to add me ; v ;

I love anime, manga, music, drawing,
reading, sleeping, playing the piano,
and watching movies. I'm a really
awkward person, so I apologize in
advance for any conversation

I will forever be in love with
zOMG. I made so many close
friends and had so much fun
playing through the night on
that laggy and buggy game.

relationship status: hahaha.

READ TILL THE END. first off. you are such a jerk, but whatever. it doesn't change the fact that you were one of my besties and like absolute love, and I will always cherish the time we spent together. I'm guessing you'll probably never talk to me again, soooo I'm going to like write everything I've wanted to say but never got a chance. I'm sorry for not being able to make you cry (that was a goal btw) and there was so much that I wish I could've done with you. Maybe it was only me who thought that way though. Even though I used to always call you a jerk and whatnot, you're actually one of the nicest guys I've ever met. The moment I remember the most clearly (this was like early this year) was when I was talking to you about singing, and you suggested that I should sing something for you. But all your suggestions ended up being hymns and I was so terrified that I would have to explain someday that I was like super nonreligious. (I actually had to look up amazing grace.) Anyways, thank you for recommending me all those bands, thank you for inspiring me in art again, thank you for talking to me when I was down, thank you for all those stupid competitions and arguments, thank you for making me read one of the most disturbing mangas ever, thank you for the hentai recc (lol. not really), thank you for introducing me to 9gag, thank you for getting me to play the piano again, thank you for helping me with my mom (we're better-ish now), thank you for the stupid compliments,thank you for getting me interested in games, thank you for listening to my rambles, thank you for answering all my questions no matter how nosy they were, thank you for making me watch horror movies, thank you for staying up with me, thank you for watching those disney movies that you said you watched even though you probably didn't, thank you for always making time for me even when you were busy or in a bad mood or at another girls house, thank you for always recommending amazing movies, thank you for that awful confession and thank you for the break up, thank you for always making me laugh, thank you for the stupid spams, thank you for always making yourself seem less than you actually are to make me feel better, thank you for zomging with me, thank you for putting up with me, thank you for those small habits that I've developed because of you, thank you for so much more, and thank you for that one year and two months. I'm sorry I wasn't worth it. If you ever find yourself upset and needing a good laugh, go watch some Try Guy videos. If you ever want something sweet go watch bubzvlogz. If you ever want to watch something tearjerking go watch 我的少女時代. You're an amazing person and your next gf/bf ( 8'D ) is really lucky :> excus me grammar. ;D

You are absolutely amazing. you have no idea how much I look up to you. we've known each other for so long, since like third grade, and we're seniors now. Hopefully we'll still keep in touch after we start college.I can always count on you to understand how I feel, and I'm surprised that you can keep up with all my complaints and whinings. Eugene from Try guys is seriously. like. I understand you. I just watched almost all their videos and laughed my a** off. Also, hopefully our luck with guys will change for the better ; u ;bbb

pink. why you always changing names. like srsly. pink amorette, timeless legends, seraph mikaela. but in the end you're always going to be pink to me u v u. you're always so nice and patient with me ; O ; and you're always giving me amazing advice. you're always there when I need you. I don't quite know how to express this, but you are such an important person to me. ilumxinfinityxallmyfeelings. you and hiro are like sooo cute. like srsly. invite me to your wedding, okay?

I'm sorry. I knew you were right, but in the end my feelings get the best of me. I still mean it when I say you're an important person, and that will never change.

take care of my sister, okay? If you do anything wrong, I'll be the one helping her murder you. it's a promise c:

rebbyyyyyyyyy. I know we talk like five times a month (shhh) but god, you're such a sweet person and a really dear friend. honestly >U Don't die from those textbooks and have fun in college <3

you. why you know me so well. I'm sorry for being such a b***h after the break up and right before it. I'm amazed that you still listen to all my rantings. I'm so happy that I can talk to you about everything that goes on in my life. I'm sorry that we couldn't keep it up.

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You made last year probably one of my best years ever


stupid jerk

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