ilu mich




Hey, her name is Michelle.
You can call her Tira, Mich or Dumplings.

She is only 16 years old but she is still
basically a kid inside.
She loves manga and anime.
She's into music, I only heard her play
the piano once but still.
She's also a great artist.
Her recognition is long overdue.

She's the most kindest and nurturing person I know.
She always has pretty things to say about anything and everything.
Even though I can be jerk sometimes,
she still understands me.
I don't have to pretend around and even when I am,
she calls me out.
We cuddle and snuggle perfectly.
Her body fits to mine as if it was meant to be.
Sleep became even more unnecessary as long as
it meant that I could keep talking to her and be with her.
When I confessed to her it wasn't smooth,
it wasn't great,
but she managed somehow,
making her the easiest person I can talk to.
The fact that she somehow sees my best qualities
and loves me no matter what.
Makes me feel more that being together with her is right.
I have to say,
i'm not really easy to love,
but she do it so easily.

I've got myself keeper.

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You made last year probably one of my best years ever


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