From June 19- August 23till I can get my s**t done for school, I'll be on a semi-hiatus.
(I'll still get on once in a while,but no zOMG)

Heya I'm Teddy, Tiramisu, Tea, Tira,
Misu, Mich, Mimi, Chelle, MeeShell, etc
(basically call me anything you want)

asian (100%), and fifteen years old.
MY :C = O: . OKAY?

Loves anime, manga, music, drawing,
dancing, sleeping, playing the piano
I'm a really awkward person, who is
really bad at talking e u e;;

I'm the student of the student of the
student of the student of Chopin -u-?
(friend forced me to post this)
( ahem, ANJA)

me likes anja < u > and kendall < u >
and tons of other people on gaia < u >
jk. just like maybe four other people < u >

I also kinda forget to answer pms
and comments after awhile soo..
if I stop pming and commenting you
don't take it personally~

Uhhh.. I usually accept random friend
requests, but if your not gonna talk to
me don't add me > n >

single . u .


^ why this person is my best friend = u =

^ The ******** Family

^ Onion's Wedding

^with nyi

^without nyi

^so many wolves

^ me, onion, har, nyi, ala, and derpy are all matching but i cant ever seem to get us all online at the same time = n =

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