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Queen Elsa Is Icolation Report | 04/05/2014 3:12 pm
Pops sorry.... redface
Queen Elsa Is Icolation Report | 04/05/2014 8:26 am
No sorry I was going to put hi but I got nervous.
Matiz White Report | 04/01/2014 2:58 pm
Thanks for buying! Check back soon!
DYRL Report | 03/23/2014 2:12 am
Oh man, your avis are just amazing!
ComputerNerd250 Report | 03/01/2014 5:44 am
cool avi
DYRL Report | 02/27/2014 12:28 pm
The collar thing! I keep getting them mixed up xD
DYRL Report | 02/27/2014 10:18 am
Did you notice that the sleeves on Darkness actually mods stuff?
I didn't <3
DYRL Report | 02/27/2014 10:14 am
Your avi, I love it!
Maraschinos Report | 02/24/2014 12:54 pm
Your new name and avi are so cute emotion_kirakira
Ven Loraine Jr Report | 02/23/2014 12:28 pm

Man,Machines and Monsters is amazing! A very nice book indeed, worth the money.
I like pretty much everyone, too.

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