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Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/22/2015 1:12 pm
Gentlemanly Swindler
Oh man, just saw your previous reply now. That sounds like such a cool game! I love sprite graphics, I love RPGs, and I really love detective/mystery themed games. Snatcher, Devil Summoner, Ace Attorney, Hotel Dusk, Professor Layton, Sherlock Holmes, Touch Detective, Ghost Trick, Nocturne, Myst... nnn, that feeling of unravelling a mystery is just the best. Do let me know when the next Kickstarter is. I can't offer a lot, but I'd be happy to pitch in a bit when I can.

Onto the newer reply, it seems the avi builder is knocked out for the weekend so playing pretty pretty princess in each other's closets will have to wait a bit, sadly. If you want to borrow anything sooner, just say the word. I've got a screenshot of my inventory I keep around because I'm in the midst of trying to sort everything and it's faster to alt+tab and look at an image that to change inventory sections all the time. Super messy though, sorry. I've only gotten through the 'hats' section so far. And thanks! I only meant to try it out to see how my favourite body hair layered with the __ reputation muscles but... but now I don't want to change out of it. You're looking pretty dang good in grey, I must say. That hair is especially nicely shaded.
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/21/2015 7:52 am
Gentlemanly Swindler
...totally noticed immediately after I posted my last message that you are already wearing the pants I offered to lend you. Whoops! I thought they looked familiar. Well, offer still stands on borrowing. Browse my closet anytime, just be sure to return everything laundered, yeah? I think with the new avatar builder you really can browse me, but I think it's down at the moment.
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/21/2015 7:44 am
Gentlemanly Swindler
Aaah, I was thinking of the Japanese pantsu, which is panties. You are thinking of American pantsu, which is trousers. My bad! I've got that... tongue twister if you want to borrow it for a while. You're always welcome to borrow anything in my closet. And hey, even hens have an eggtooth. Technically.
Purplesnoopy Report | 05/20/2015 8:43 pm
I bet you want the Dashing Gentleman Marble Tuxedo Trousers....
Purplesnoopy Report | 05/20/2015 8:37 pm
I was wondering the same hting. or how does the elf pants sound?
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/20/2015 3:27 pm
Gentlemanly Swindler
What kind of pantsu we talkin' about? Kama's Whisper and Punishing Vauntia are both grey and uh... kind of like pantsu. Skimpy pantsu. But they are reasonably priced.
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/10/2015 12:26 am
Gentlemanly Swindler
Oh, weird the libraries and coffee shops near me have Wi-Fi. Some folks just really work better in public. My cousin used to ride the L to study because the noise around her focused her on the books. I don't get it, but if it works, it works. That's really cool though, what kind of game?

Yeah, and a lot of countries are rolling into finals season, so I bet most of the artists are franticly preparing for that.
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/09/2015 9:44 pm
Gentlemanly Swindler
You can focus like that in public? I work way better all nestled at home. Then again, I found the best motivator to be deadlines, as in, 'I put this off until ten hours before it's due, I'll let the wonderful feeling of racing the clock push me to finish.' Not everyone works well like that though, so if you're feelin' a coffeehouse, go try it out! What's the topic for the assignment?

Oh, nice! I meant to save money for art of us, but I got kind of side tracked. Nothing too special at the moment, just want to put a little more towards the event but I've got plenty of time on that. I also kind of miss not being able to impulse buy little 1-5B items. I need to be more like you and get better at hoarding gold. I'm tops at hoarding items, unfortunately. That's how my inventory got to be such a mess and the little 'Inventory Worth' stat is taunting me because it's making me feel rich, but the inability to sort by value means I've got no idea what to look at selling.
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/09/2015 7:02 pm
Gentlemanly Swindler
Alas, nothing too exciting. I'm just working on more planning for NPCon, having a beer, and trying to figure out what I want to sell to nab some gold. I've got less than 1B in actual gold, but my inventory value says I'm doin' all right. I just wish TekTek was still around, because I don't know what in my inventory is making that number so plump.

What are you up to?
Gentlemanly Swindler Report | 05/09/2015 6:51 pm
Gentlemanly Swindler
Hey, holy man!

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