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Let me start off by saying; welcome to my profile. : )
I'm going to start this off by summarizing the main things about myself, if that's okay with you.

I'm incredibly shy/awkward around people I'm not used to, I'm a huge procrastinator, I have an apparent talent for writing and I love the Fire Emblem series (though I like other games too!).

My goal is to play and complete every Fire Emblem I can get my hands on, and so far I've played/beat:
FE4 (Genealogy of the Holy War)
FE6 (Sword of Seals)
FE7 (Blazing Sword)
FE8 (Sacred Stones)
FE9 (Path of Radiance)
FE10 (Radiant Dawn)
FE11 (Shadow Dragon)
*Italicized = I've completed start to finish.
So far, Genealogy of the Holy War is my favorite just because of how strange and different it is from all the other ones I played; it's kinda like a breath of fresh air in a sense.

To put my complicated character liking tiers simply, there isn't really a character I despise with all my heart, but there isn't one I love with all my heart except for Zelgius.
To be completely honest, I'm not a very strategic player. I play to make character A marry character B (or to prevent A from marrying B), that's it.
I make love not war.
Speaking of love; I'm kinda picky with my pairings, but at the same time not really. It's either I hate it, love it or don't care.

I like making/I'm good at making Tektek cosplays; mostly FE ones(It's all I know! D : ). If you want me to make you a cosplay, provide a picture and I'll take a stab in the dark.

Oh, listen to me ramble on; you have places to be!
If you wanna chat about something, feel free to PM me; if not sorry I wasted your time with my rambling.

Bye! Hope to see you again! : D