Hello loveys! I thought you might want to know a little bit about me!

Wondering about my gender?
I'm Neutral.
There you have it.

Wanna be friends?
Sure! I love friends! But I REALLY dislike random requests. So please, if you want to be friends with me at least talk to me for a bit first! cat_smilies/icon_gonk.gif

Well as you may have guessed, I'm obsessed with Tim Drake. smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif
I love to Roleplay so please, if you see me in the forums don't be shy! Just attack me or something! I'll roll with the punches! smilies/icon_lol.gif
Normally I play Tim as Robin, a hero. But I've decided for the entire month of October (and maybe a week or so after) I'll be playing Catlad, a thief! So if you do interact with me be prepared to loose all of your valuables. cat_smilies/icon_wink.gif

ALSO: I love you.emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

Also: THIS!
lol oh cleverbot, you got something right for once!

This is my friend Print.


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Robin's Journal! KEEP OUT (that means you Batman)

I plan to write about how much of a d**k Batman is and doodle gay porn ALL OVER



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The CBs Batman

Report | 03/10/2014 9:35 pm

The CBs Batman

Ones Pink

Report | 12/27/2013 11:21 am

Ones Pink

Very cool avi xd
Hellz Robin

Report | 06/19/2013 1:57 am

Hellz Robin

what a shame your tim drake looks amazing smile
Hellz Robin

Report | 06/15/2013 9:28 pm

Hellz Robin

very nice looking Tim Drake
Gresley Wilde

Report | 05/30/2013 2:02 am

Gresley Wilde

I dont have the ability to stay mad at people for more than a day or two. xp
So we made up when I started shamelessly flirting with him.
I thought you stopped using this account?
Jason Todd Outlaw

Report | 05/11/2013 6:17 am

Jason Todd Outlaw

Nightfall Girl

Report | 03/20/2013 11:36 pm

Nightfall Girl

hey how have you been?

Report | 02/10/2013 11:20 pm


Hello Robin.
Titan Starfire

Report | 02/07/2013 10:43 pm

Titan Starfire

Hello Robin! emotion_yatta

Report | 01/17/2013 8:59 pm


Me too. My sister's with a guy whose family owns a religious goods store. But they're not the uber religious type. They just have customers that are. I HATE helping Rosie at the store cause I have to deal with them. And what the hell does "gay for too long " mean?! emotion_eyebrow lol


I tip posts that make me lol.

I hate random friend requests.