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I'm TigerLilyChick, but people call me Tiger. No, I didn't name myself after the Peter Pan character. Stop asking. I named myself after the tiger lily flower. I'm 23 and I am a software developer. I am for equality. I can play 7 instruments, but I don't really play anymore. I love EDM (electronic dance music), alternative, rock, and 90s Eurodance music. I have a niece whom I love very much. I'm not an interesting person, but I'm not your average person.


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Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/29/2016 9:03 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
Did it have a sort of " stank-y/dank" smell? Usually the date is in blak letters on the glass of the bottle itself. If the glass is dark it makes hard to make out. At least sometimes its ont he glass....

Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/29/2016 9:02 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
for you :

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/29/2016 7:55 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
throw it out unless the date sez its still good . WHat does the date on the bottle say ?
cyberqueer Report | 07/29/2016 4:55 pm
Ahh I see. It's good that they're thorough but it's unfortunate that the process takes so long. I'm glad you were able to get your fingerprinting done for free, too.
Its cool that you're going to be on base with some familiar faces though, I imagine that will be helpful for getting settled in there!
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/29/2016 3:55 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
was that a box of yaegermeister ? dang.... I guess... Hey as long as you do you in your own home and not drive afterwords....Have fun at the bash !. sweatdrop emotion_brofist
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/29/2016 2:33 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
ah. I haven't logged into imgur in a while. sweatdrop
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/29/2016 2:07 pm
Guin - Aoiichi
i just went to imgur and im like ..... eek wattaEFF ?
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/28/2016 10:48 am
Guin - Aoiichi
Uhmmm, maybe it's time you got your own place ? You're not lil , and it's your body/hair right ? And is it a thing to think about the makeup you're gonna wear ...at your wedding ? Which will be ?IDK, i get sort of what you're saying. I got comments from people close to me when i let my hair grow out . It might not be the same but i think i get what you mean.
Guin - Aoiichi Report | 07/28/2016 7:48 am
Guin - Aoiichi
@ your status : emotion_hug Girls are the best ! emotion_awesome whachuutahkingbout???
cyberqueer Report | 07/26/2016 10:17 pm
Ooh okay, I think I understand all of that. That's really good to know, thank you for all the information! Sometimes it's daunting how much information you have to have on you and keep track of in order to do certain things through certain systems, like employment systems. It makes sense that you'd have to go through so much since you're working inside a military base though. My cousin's husband is a marine and whenever they lived near us a year ago, we would go on base sometimes and visit.
I always thought software development was interesting but I never got into it academically or as a hobby, personally.


Now that people are awake to racism still existing, I REFUSE TO CHANGE THIS SIG UNTIL COPS STOP KILLING INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE!



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