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My Alias on this site is Liliahth D'vere Crowe, Liliahth, Lili, or Liliah.
She is a Palemistress (For those of you that have played DnD)
For those of you who haven't, she is a high tier Necromancer.
She is absolutely fascinated with the human psyche.
If you wish to role-play,
send me a PM.


My name is Tiff. Face.
I'm an odd individual with the inability to make friends.
And I do not mind that: I'm picky about who I regularly associate with.
I have an eloquently depressed attitude about things.
Hobbies/Interests include (and are not limited to):
Drawing.Singing.Writing/Roleplaying.Horror Movies
Magic The Gathering.Dungeons & Dragons.Gory Anime
A Clockwork Orange.Body Mods.Expression
People with a vast understanding of the English language
who know how to use it with a literary diction.