Hi! smilies/icon_heart.gif My name is Delilah!
I have been on Gaia for like 8 years
I am 22 years old
I am male to female trans
I have a mild southern accent
I'm sweet if you get to know me
I apparently suck at relationships

Some crappy old pics of me
[1] [2]

My usernames:
Gaia: Art Murder, DeadKa7
Nexus Mods: ArtMurder
Steam: Chaosocks
FA: Chaosocks
Imgur: Chaosocks

I love creating Gaia Items!
It's become my favorite hobby!
I've submitted 4 tickets,
and created the following items!

=My Gaian Doll!
= My Blue Doll!
= Rainbow Doll!
= Ms Floofs!!

Throttle Kitty Art Album: Mild Suggestive Content

Chibi Throttle Kitty - A tiny me for your desktop!


~Profile Artwork by einnn

Throttle Kitty's avatar