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Misspelt Report | 11/09/2015 10:16 pm
All good ! and thank you v much c: emotion_hug
Misspelt Report | 11/09/2015 10:06 pm
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Oro Senpai Report | 10/29/2015 11:34 am
Oro Senpai
Oro Senpai Report | 10/28/2015 11:02 pm
Oro Senpai
is this real life
Oro Senpai Report | 10/28/2015 10:59 pm
Oro Senpai
Oro Senpai Report | 10/02/2015 2:45 pm
Oro Senpai
meanie crying
We Will Not Yield Report | 09/24/2015 1:35 am
We Will Not Yield
What is a mid ground friend?
We Will Not Yield Report | 09/24/2015 1:33 am
We Will Not Yield
I just wish the boyfriend and best friend would be friends.

Or touch each others a** and be friends.

I tried to make them be friends it didn't work.

We Will Not Yield Report | 09/24/2015 1:27 am
We Will Not Yield
What a wonderful piece of advice!

The friend never dated anyone before and is asexual so he literally did not respond and did nothing the entire time.
Mainly laughed at my sarcastic jokes when I used to hit on him.

I was getting frustrated and bothered when the friendship itself was getting overly affectionate and I was desperately trying to find some way to create distance or to eliminate the feelings of affection I was feeling.
It was strange and felt morally wrong.

Like you're not supposed to feel butterflies in your tummy for someone who isn't your partner.
Maybe staying away to keep me sanity is for the best?

The guy doesn't even like me by the way.
He rejected me the second time I asked him out.

I received a different answer at the beginning but he didn't know about the boyfriend.
We Will Not Yield Report | 09/24/2015 1:18 am
We Will Not Yield
Well to be frank when I first met the friend I was creepy obsessed and infatuated like crazy and they put up with it.
And I hit/flirted on them like crazy so that is cheating.

So I do not blame the significant other for his actions.
I guess I am just sad because there is a certain point where if you begin talking to someone too much, they cross that border where they are beyond just aquantainces.
And they hold a piece of your heart string.

And if you can't speak with them or if something bad happens you feel sadness to the point you're going to cry.