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It's been awhile since I was here last time,
but I'll try to come by when I can. yummy_smilies/icon_strawberry.gif


[NPC] Rina Wrote:
Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
What's that idjit Karamatsu got that I don't, dammit!?

The Great Venerable Master Chef Oden-san

Why don't you head over to your inventory and see what you got!




This was an old guild my close gaia friends and I started (back in the day)~ ^_^




Unfortunately, I do not know who the artist is.
(I'll update this post once I find out) smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

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Tairn McBeth






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Izeiya-Hime Report | 10/22/2016 6:38 pm
Yes please continue! emotion_kirakira I'm sorry. I am such a sucker for this.

I don't quite remember anymore, but I recall one thing that really stuck to me. In class, she had us close our eyes and take a deep breath. She then told us to imagine a field with tall grass wavering in the wind and then suddenly, a horse appeared before you. Afterwards, she asked us, "Do you go on the horse and continue your adventure or do you stay sleeping? What do you imagine yourself doing from these two options?" It kind of hit me home. emotion_0A0 In my head, I took that horse and continue. This was before everyone left for the day, and I was dazed for the day. xDD

Ohh that's nice! You must be a very great cook xD emotion_yatta

Thank you! I will ask! It will be for a while, but it seriously on my bucket list XD And don't worry about it! Don't be afraid to hold back and talk to me about anything >D Buahaha! emotion_yatta

Omg that is adorable! XDD emotion_bigheart At this point, she might as well teach herself how to jump out the tank. It will be finding betta instead of finding dory! emotion_awesome

He's veryyyyy small..and fluffy xDD When I can, I'll send a picture of him when he comes in my or my fiance's room. He usually hangs out at my parents room..and I'm too lazy to head over there.. emotion_facepalm

Oh noooo, he was a little troublemaker back then. xDD Fortunately, he was already trained..still a rascal.

Izeiya-Hime Report | 10/22/2016 6:27 pm
The text limit does not like you at all xDDD

Whoa, how hot was it there? It was pretty warm when I went. Not like scorching hot, but just warm. It felt niceeee~
That's so cool! Did you see any cool looking fish?
Egh...I can just imagine it. Ew, at least your mouth was covered..That sounded gross emotion_zombie

That's good at least. I mean, I hope he didn't get in trouble for sneaking it out of the country. Sucks for him..xDD;

... emotion_bigheart We already decided where our honeymoon is going to be. Speaking of. xD

It must have felt anti-climatic. xDD Like seriously..That still makes me laugh. I understand your disappointment when I saw the pictures..Still cool though!
OMG THAT IS AMAZING LMAO! Could you buy post cards similar to the ones you can send? That would be so awesome x3

Aww, well that's actually understandable...It's protected history right there! XD Ah this makes me want to be a part archeologist just for this reason. It would be so fun traveling around and finding some new things about the world that you never thought existed. It's like finding new pokemon in the games! lol

That's pretty neat. I collect things that has my name engraved when I visit places like that. It's like being one with their culture..It makes me feel special. LOL! Gotta get those bracelet/necklace. Keep the peace and harmony within yourself XD No discord allowed! Ohhh, the price isn't that bad actually! I would imagine they would be selling them more than that. ^.^ I definitely need to mental note these when my family decide to visit. Knowing them, they probably have something planned similar xD They're suckers for history and beautiful places.

That shaman be busy, mannn~ XD

That's so intriguing! I'm going to watch a video (if they have videos) of the Mayans. Something about them have always peeked my attention xD

Ohhh that's some tribal stuff lol But seriously, that is so cooollllll emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira And definitely adorable xD!

swfnkfs! emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira

How cool it would be to meet a priestess back then or something. But then I don't want to think of the tragedies and such. I can only admire from afarrrrr emotion_facepalm

Yhiae Report | 10/21/2016 10:04 pm
Aww! Ty for the compliment <3
kovu uzumaki 2341 Report | 10/21/2016 6:04 pm
kovu uzumaki 2341
Hey whats up?
missvickylynn Report | 10/21/2016 7:54 am
sweet rofl
missvickylynn Report | 10/20/2016 5:54 pm
heart heart heart heart heart
Izeiya-Hime Report | 10/20/2016 4:46 pm
LMAO XDDD GOOD JOB! It's okay!! I love these conversations! heart

I KNOW RIGHT? It just boomerang back xD My friend was excited for some reason.

The waters are so beautifullll! I can't stop staring at themmmm QAQ
Awww, that's so pretty~ How was snorkeling? I have never done that before. xD
Omg that is so sketchy..that would scare me if I saw drugs on the table like whoa. Okay. I'm going away from that area xDD
...That person. Really?! xDDD Did he get in trouble for it or did they not catch him?

Thank you for showing me the pictures btw. They are all so interesting to look at *w* Yeah the one that really captured me were the waters. Holy crapppp, they are SO BLUEEEE..

The picture of Hell especially wasn't what I imagined tbh...But the formation and everything looks really cool.~ LOL You went traveling between realms XDDD! You can say that you went to all three!!
I'm so jealous, the ruins looks really fascinating. My adventurous side would have looked around it more and stay there..forever..xDD Though you guys were probably not allowed to go near them...

Whoaaaa that's surprising! I'm taller than the Mayans too?! Holy crap! I imagined them to be tall and everything..That blew my mind LMAO
Aww that's so cooooll! I want a Mayan bracelet! XD That is so cool and natural... cool
So there's like only one village shaman in every village to take care of their people? That's pretty badass XD
Basically you have to be pretty intelligent..That's awesome. I would love to meet a village shaman. I could learn a lot from them! XD
Ohhh tell me moreee! If you don't mind..This is so interesting. It's funny too..At class today, the dean of my college took over for my teacher who was sick today and she had a lot of intriguing stuff to talk about similar to this. It was fun hearing her wisdom.

LMAO we did! It was really fun and the chicken was just so fantastic.

That's really..interesting. I never knew that until now. o.o I actually wanted betta fish but now knowing that, I feel a bit nervous now because I planned on getting two. Now I have to be really careful XD I'll keep all this in mind for future reference. *w*/

OMG that is adorable!! XDD I can imagine teaching fish to be fun, yeah?

LOL yes! He was super adorable. When we got him, he was one year old..but he grew so little xDD
HisShyPrincess Report | 10/20/2016 1:27 pm
Most definitely is
Yhiae Report | 10/20/2016 1:16 am
Just came to say you have a cute avi~ heart
MerrickPyre Report | 10/19/2016 11:34 pm
It was my pleasure to buy at your shop. ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)
Thanks for the greeting, but my birthday isn't until December. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

Thank You for Visiting~! ----- Take Care~!

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