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It's been awhile since I was here last time,
but I'll try to come by when I can. yum_strawberry

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[NPC] Rina

Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
What's that idjit Karamatsu got that I don't, dammit!?

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The Great Venerable Master Chef Oden-san

Why don't you head over to your inventory and see what you got!
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This was an old guild my close gaia friends and I started (back in the day)~ ^_^




Unfortunately, I do not know who the artist is.
(I'll update this post once I find out) sweatdrop
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starry marshmallow
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Tairn McBeth
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Ichigo Leche
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Birthday: 08/29

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Hikari Myst Report | 03/23/2017 10:00 pm
Hikari Myst
Right? Pretty bizarre!
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/22/2017 6:31 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
You make a good point there. xd I just enter them for fun with the futile hope of ranking in the top three. Sorry for not being in a few days.
Hikari Myst Report | 03/21/2017 2:34 pm
Hikari Myst
Whoa... Well, it's fours days now for me, but daaaang! We signed up close to the same day??? emotion_jawdrop
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/18/2017 5:22 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
Just bragging rights if you just post it in the avatar arena. XD However, I think you could use any of those on the runway for gold and gaia cash.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/17/2017 2:11 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
This is my first cosplay. I can only I get some helpful reviews instead of the ones that just nitpick out of habit. While there is not problem with detail, we can only do so much on this site when comes to posting cosplays. What type do you have, if may ask?

If you do submit, I would love to see them.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/17/2017 2:27 am
Hidden Blood Blossom
I submitted my Coco cosplay to avatar arena.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/16/2017 11:02 am
Hidden Blood Blossom
At best, it is an 'unspoken rule' that cosplay avatars have reference pictures. Between that and the detailed nitpicking, it can be a challenge if you don't the gold to pull it off. rolleyes
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/15/2017 7:25 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
Let's just hope the art arena is not too harsh with the lack certain items. XD Guns are not easy to come by, so I stuck to the purse feature. Well, that is if I submit it.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/15/2017 12:57 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
Here is the final result of my CoCo cosplay.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 03/12/2017 11:43 am
Hidden Blood Blossom
I love your avatar, by the way. Most of the multi-colored avatar I come across are poorly designed due the color placement.

Thank You for Visiting~! ----- Take Care~!

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Enjoy costumer~!


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I will be on an art-break/
I shall return~

*If you want more information on my Avi Art, you may click HERE ^_^

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