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It's been awhile since I was here last time,
but I'll try to come by when I can. yum_strawberry

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Unfortunately, I do not know who the artist is.
(I'll update this post once I find out) emotion_sweatdrop

This is an artwork of my close gaia friends and I (back in the day/s)~
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dilapidated cone
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Mystery in the Mist
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Tairn McBeth
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kovu uzumaki 2341 Report | 11/22/2017 1:21 pm
kovu uzumaki 2341
I am but two days ago my sister had two seizures in one day. The 1st hospital redmen told mom they could not find anything wrong with her.That was her 1st seizure.Then she hand her 2nd one in the middle of wal-mart and then they took her to floyd and they found somethings that may have made her have the seizures.But today she gets to come home
-MisunderstoodFurry- Report | 11/21/2017 6:42 am
Haha yea Andy Price did an amazing job with the comic for the prequel.
I also didn’t know yet that you where a big fan so I didn’t ask yet xD

Um out of the main six my favourites are RD, Twi(mostly side Twi when it comes to EG), R, Pinkie, AJ I also love Starlight Glimmer xD and my boyfriend loves Pinkie and R.
Favourite princess?
That one creepy guy Report | 11/20/2017 10:44 pm
That one creepy guy
I am one with the shrubbery! I am invisible.
That one creepy guy Report | 11/15/2017 4:27 pm
That one creepy guy
*hiding in a bush.*
kovu uzumaki 2341 Report | 11/14/2017 9:21 pm
kovu uzumaki 2341
Miss you dearly sis sad wish you was on right now
FanServiceChatNoirAdrien Report | 11/14/2017 1:12 am
Sup ThornKitty? Hows life?
-MisunderstoodFurry- Report | 11/10/2017 12:49 pm
Haha you’ll love the prequel Thorn is one of my favourite comics I have to get rest of the comics my boyfriend is on the craze if you also get a chance get the Artbooks they are pretty.
My boyfriends been poking at me to ask you who’s your favourite pony im like I will I will he’s like that’s normally the first thing you ask a Brony I’m like sue me.

My family looks at me funny sometimes but in the end of the day I could be doing worse things just be happy I’m not a drug addict or something plus I wanna become a voice actor I love thing animated so why wouldn’t I love MLP though I hated it as a kid but the ponies looked so weird. I like the art work they went with for this series.
-MisunderstoodFurry- Report | 11/03/2017 1:54 pm
It was a really good episode with Tirek creepy but yet really action packed.
King Sombra was a good one too with Twi having to learn that she can’t always do it on her own and helping the crystal empire.
If you want to learn more about Storm King and Capper the prequel comic can help you with that and the pirates also.
Um Tempest was my favourite new pony for the movie and Capper would have to be my favourite non-pony.

Season 7 final was pretty awesome again this year I enjoyed it now to just keep watching the movie till next year and wait for some more shorts for Equestria girls.

I was happy to send it I don’t get many people who actually like the same things like MLP and all that Bro-Hoof wink
FanServiceChatNoirAdrien Report | 10/27/2017 7:34 pm
Yeah I'm Cloud Strife (obviously.) And thanks and that's good heh and you are looking as cute as ever XD. I see never could get into Ninjago I mostly watch Boruto: Naruto the next generation it's pretty good seeing new gen of Naruto characters.
-MisunderstoodFurry- Report | 10/27/2017 1:21 pm
Hehe anything MLP you’ll see us enjoy it so yea.
It was a really great movie like the Tirek episode it didn’t seem completely like a MLP movie but honestly from the Equestria girls movies I’m not too surprised.
What new character from the movie did you like the most?

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I will be on an art-break/
I shall return~

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* Since Photobucket
now charges to allow 3rd party hosting/
photos to be shown on another website (gaiaonline),

I decided to switch from Photobucket to Imgur
for artwork request uploads.

If anybody has previous art from me
that has not been saved,
and Photobucket
has blocked the view---

Please do not hesitate to ask me;
I can re-send it back to you. *

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