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Registered: 03/12/2004

Gender: Female

Location: Canada

Birthday: 04/21/1992

Occupation: bag lady fo sho


Hello I am:
thom crooz

and I'm a little odd
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I'm driving by your house, though I know you're not home.

I'm Jesse
I'm a Pokemon Trainer and a Jedi Knight. At least I think I am. What I know for sure is that I'm a twenty-three year old Canadian. You don't like Canada? That's okay, I'll go get my feelings checked for free. I'm a weirdo, a dreamer, a gamer, an introvert like most. I spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds. It's my favorite place to be.

So you're here for one of three reasons:
1: You saw me in the forums and thought I was cool like my mom does.
2: You were trying to be rude and I didn't reply because you're lame or I found your attitude disgusting. (you probably have a lot going on at home, I forgive you muffin.)
3: It's none of these and you are here entirely by accident. Welcome!

I love three things in this world: my music loud, my lizard cute, and my beer cold. I usually find it hard to describe myself. Take from this what you want plebs.

Me: x x x
My Baby: x x x


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