People often call me either "Soul" or "Tes". I've grown accustomed to Tes and sort of prefer it, but I'm not going to complain if you call me something else.

I like to debate, but I often lose interest when it resorts to name calling, attacks, and insults. For me, debate is an exercise for the mind, done for the purpose of sharpening up thinking and understanding. But even more than that, I do it for enjoyment.

I also have the tendency to make people very angry, but not always intentionally. There just seems to be some quality about me that some cannot stand, even if I am trying to be polite.


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Thoughts and ideas that came to me that I decided to put down somewhere instead of just keep to myself.


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ive never heard of everquest! but i have heard of ffxiv lol ive never played it but my friend has. it really sucked him in. it sucks that it costs money to bring your characters to another server, but im surprised they even have that option! So thats pretty cool. I used to try a lot of mmos when i was young, but i dont have the computer for it anymore, mine's an old old man computer now. mmos are too much work for me tho, after hitting level cap and doing everything/quest (not that i EVER have hahahaha) i dont understand how people want to create a whole new character and do it over again. like ive had it explained to me and so i get it, i just dont FEEL it. ive never felt it. So i want to say i dont get it, but i GET it, i just dont..GET IT. aha but its cool you're playing with your SO! Me and mine try to find games to play together and a lot of console games we wanna play aren't local coop. most of the local coop games are older and i have a hard time keeping interested. they'll be fun when i play them, but when im not playing them id rather do whatever else.

workmans comp ******** me over and decided not to pay me for the month of work i missed. also they said screw your medical bills, so its been tough trying to get everything together. still trying other avenues and what not. even though they said theyd pay the medical -_-.
on the other hand, ive found a way to do lineart on my current piece that's making me pick it up again and try to finish it! idk everything in your last message and im having a hard time wanting to reread it lol so ill probably reply to the rest of it in the next one x_x i wish giving comments could display the one you're replying to.

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Right?? I mean I totally agree with what you're saying. It's just inconveniently a little more complicated than that. It would be 100% more convenient to move in with him in terms of having all my things available to me when im there. But his room is packed. His room is packed and its bigger than mine x_x he's a videogame collector...........a videogame collector...who likes....having a....clean.......open.......room. When you consider the 1000's of videogames he's trying to collect, there is NO room for your stuff. His sister moved out and we're trying to confirm when she gets her own place so we can convert her room to a lounge/space for me, but she's not too okay with the idea lol.

Also, my boyfriend is more of a black interior kinda guy. I'm a white interior kinda gal haha, so his room is extremely dark even with the two windows he has and it's an extremely unproductive environment for me. I get pretty sad there lol (his sisters room on the other hand is so bright aaaah i love it). My current room is like his sisters. My bed is right by two windows, my room is a bright/light orange with white furniture with lotsa light. mirrors, mounted tv with wall shelves...I've tried hard to make it a positive space for me lol. It's very much the exact opposite of his room. So I typically get homesick (since all of our time spent together is at his house) He still lives with his mom ( just as i live with my parents too) so idk there's just not really any place for me to MOVE into. i dont pay much rent living with my parents, but also, my parents have a hard time with bills, so I'd rather help them out. My SO has a single mother who does pretty darn good for herself, better than both my parents combined. Also I do miss my parents and i think i'd spend much less time than I already do with them if I were to move out. That, and it's nice having a room to come home to do whatever i want and not work around your partner. its just either way is inconvenient for different things. so what we have right now is kind of the best option. this is really bloated i feel lol i think i could make it more concise but i don't have the patience to try and rewrite it gonk

What videogames you gettin' caught up on? surprised
And yeaaah i'm out on workman's comp so i should be doing ALL the art I can, but im trying :/ im getting motivation to make art my career, i just don't know how to teach myself/get motivation to teach myself. its hard and I dont blame you for not doing it lol. Icy is so patient and nice to us emotion_kirakira i dont understand either but i love her emotion_bigheart

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rofl nooooooooooo make room for me!
Ive been away from home most nights so i dont have time to draw unless I come home and draw at 1am till who knows when. ;n; Thinking of taking a week off away from my boyfriend so i can have so time to do stuff consistently. not sure how far I'll get but ya no, maybe ill buckle down and actually try to learn anatomy emotion_eyebrow eugh

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******** gross a** nasty a** get a tissue if you gonna blow putrid. emotion_eyebrow

Report | 03/28/2016 10:37 am


Visit my thread! crying

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I demanD better messages than "Bleh!" "Blah!" "blah" "bleh"
"Cocks" was acceptable.

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rofl emotion_awesome Im so glad you like it!!!! Watch.That.Video. Like im so so serious you have NO idea how much it helped. You will know after i show you the before picture rofl maybe then you'll watch it, but it was an INSTANT improvement. Towards the end of the video, they draw an actual face using the technique and talk a little about how to place the facial features which i used. Most of the vid is redrawing the really fast technique for practice so you can skip most of it if the length is off-putting. Now i have to learn how to draw a BODY instead of faking it with cut-off shoulders gonk And yeah it's flipped haha, i realized it was after I sent it to you and i was gonna leave another comment, but then i was just like why would i leave two comments just for that? ah well lol

But yay im happy! and a lil proud emotion_awesome

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http://i67.tinypic.com/4llkzm.png Gotta do the chest tats and color it still, colors have been giving me trouble >:/
but a wip! Im considering closing his eyes a little more to go more well with the smirk

Report | 01/19/2016 10:47 am


do you got a clear picture of his chest tats? I saw one on photobucket, but i wasn't sure if they were the same as vassnta's or not
also this video helped SOOOOOOOOOOO much. like ill show you the before and after, i found that I do have the before, except its like 5 versions all in one so it looks even worse than it actually did xd

Report | 01/19/2016 12:37 am


have you ever gotten ANYTHING decent from the dailies? rofl
Yeah i only ever checked back to talk to you and icy, and see if i had any messages.

I'm really bad at making new friends just through talking. I feel like it'd be easier if there were more multiplayer games on here where you can chat. Like I do best with people when we're doing something together. I don't not like talking to people and making friends, I just never have anything to say unless I know you. So its always a STRUGGLE emotion_donotwant And I know there's awesome people around, but im just like eeeeeeeeeeeeh do I want to deal with sorting through the bunches?

I've actually tried recently to talk to more people and it's hard to find people you mesh well with sometimes. I've had two recent failures rofl nothing embarrassing or anything, just two potentials that seemed great, but then one was a mutual follower who i talked to every now and then, was really depressed and whilst comfortable giving me their skype after quitting tumblr to keep in contact, did not want to open up and chat much despite my many attempts. And the other is always very bouncy in groups and likes private chats, asked for my skype, but they're super distracted and forgets they're talking to people in private confused

I don't dislike them or blame them for anything though, everyone is going through stuff so I get it. but its so discouraging rofl


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