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Registered: 01/29/2004

Gender: Female

Location: the great wide somewhere

Birthday: 12/22

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Burial is for the living
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Hi, call me Tree.
I'm a linguist. I teach English as a second language.
I lived in South Korea for 2 years. I want to go back.

I am in love with language, spoken and written.
I can speak English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Russian and Swahili. I can also do a bit of French, Spanish and Italian.

I've taken Russian, Mandarin and Swahili as intensive one-to-one classes with native speaking teachers. This means I speak better than I write. (but I can read and write Cyrillic just fine)

Japanese, Korean and Mandarin are my primary focus, so I've gotten rusty in everything else, sadly.

그리고, 한국이 아주 좋아습니다. 한국의음식이 최고예요.

I might should mention my other loves, books. Lol. I love reading, especially C.S. Lewis and anything fantasy. ^_^'
Anyway, that's about it. Oh, but I'll leave you with favourite quotes:

Notice how he(koolaid man) lures the CHILDREN to a REMOTE ISLAND and gives them REFRESHMENTS?

Warrior Bard
Fishing for strangers online is like asking random people on the street to bear your children.

That ain't no trip. That's a vocation.

human intelligence is the prelude to asshattery

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Knight of Winter Keep Report | 05/11/2017 6:01 am
Finished then on Tuesday, although I'm still waiting for Math to be posted (Biology was a B while English, Geography, and Japanese were all A's sadly). He has until noon today (Thursday) to get the grades into SIS though. I'm guessing it will be either a high C or a low B as it's right on the border at the moment and he still has to calculate in the grade for in-class participation. Also the joy of sorting and packing clothes at the moment for the trip to England which starts on Sunday (having my dad's remains interred by my grandmother's house).
Maddy-Mazey Report | 05/07/2017 4:08 pm
Thank you so much!!! I really like it myself, but your the first to also enjoy it cx
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 05/02/2017 11:50 am
It's true. Using your shitty-people-detector can save you a lot of stress.
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 04/28/2017 2:05 pm
*huggle snuggle*
Knight of Winter Keep Report | 04/06/2017 8:24 pm
I had baked several peanut butter cakes as a young teen, but the mess ups were for cookies and cakes in high school (forgetting flour for the fundraiser cookies meaning that they turned to blobs of caramel, and not adding baking soda to a cake so it turned into a pound cake).

These days though, I do bake chocolate chip cookies which friends insist that I market because they still taste like they are fresh out of the oven even two days later (with the chips melting instantly in the mouth).
Knight of Winter Keep Report | 04/06/2017 8:18 pm
I probably would never be as good as a baker, given how I messed up badly in high school more than once. xD
Knight of Winter Keep Report | 04/06/2017 8:00 pm
Typically enjoying hot cross buns, although unlike when I was growing up in Canada, a lot of the stores in central Virginia use a different recipe that is similar to a Christmas fruit cake.
Knight of Winter Keep Report | 04/06/2017 7:02 pm
How did the deviled eggs turn out?
Raven Winter Report | 04/05/2017 7:05 pm
Your current avatar is fun.
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 03/31/2017 1:34 pm
Aw man! *hugs* Yeah, it bugs me when people talk as if Trump is God's answer to the problem that is failed capitalism. You know, his family's real last name is Drumf.