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Registered: 01/29/2004

Gender: Female

Location: the great wide somewhere

Birthday: 12/22

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from Shintouyu <3

from an Mika_Len, Halloween 2k11 event

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Burial is for the living



I've moved to S. Korea. I've been living here for two years. It makes everyday an adventure.

Hi, call me Tree.
Let's see, um, I have a B.A. in Linguistics and I'm ready to take on the world! Haha.

I'm generally an easy going and friendly person. Tho, I do have my bad moments. I can be opinionated, but I try not to bash others about their own differing opinions.

I am in love with language, spoken and written. I'd love to be fluent in as many languages as possible, but unfortunately that will take a long time. I can speak English, American Sign language, Japanese, and Korean fairly well. My Mandarin improves daily, and I can hold a conversation. I can also read and understand a small amount of Spanish, French and Italian. I can also understand a small amount of Russian and Swahili. I'm working up/maintaining my fluency in Chinese and Japanese and Korean. (you can never learn it all)
그리고, 한국이 아주 좋아습니다. 한국의음식이 최고예요.

I might should mention my other loves, books. Lol. I love reading, especially C.S. Lewis and anything fantasy. ^_^'
Anyway, that's about it. Oh, but I'll leave you with favourite quotes:

OMGSUS!1! Wrote:
Notice how he(koolaid man) lures the CHILDREN to a REMOTE ISLAND and gives them REFRESHMENTS?

Warrior Bard Wrote:
Fishing for strangers online is like asking random people on the street to bear your children.

MemoriesofGreen Wrote:
That ain't no trip. That's a vocation.

MemoriesofGreen Wrote:
human intelligence is the prelude to asshattery

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MemoriesOfGreen Report | 09/23/2016 12:24 pm
Thank you!
MachaFish Report | 09/22/2016 11:27 am
Hanging in there, you?
MemoriesOfGreen Report | 09/10/2016 12:33 pm
Lookin' good! heart
Waffle King Richard Report | 09/10/2016 8:30 am
Thanks. They discharged me with incorrect instructions last Sunday, of which it took a couple of days to sort out the error. Still have to go in every day for an IV treatment via the midline that they've pput in my arm, and trying to get the internal bleeding to stop, but I'm hanging in there. Of which thankfully all of my professors this semester have been willing to work with me to catch up.

How are you these days? Certainly hope that you are doing well. ^^
Valerth Report | 09/05/2016 5:36 pm
I knoooow! I dont want summer to be over TnT
Valerth Report | 08/11/2016 6:04 pm
Thank you friend... It really hurts still... Really bad. I already had so much on my plate then this happened...
Tizaro Report | 08/10/2016 8:58 pm
you're welcome!
Maddy-Mazey Report | 07/17/2016 1:06 am
Thank you! <3
Shaarr Report | 07/06/2016 9:36 am
Thnaks! 4laugh

I'm the tea fairy. Kinda like the tooth fairy I guess? She leaves a dollar under your teapot everytime you try a new kind of tea.
Valerth Report | 07/03/2016 2:17 pm
Thank you my beautiful friend
My pancrease is suffering cery bad. I tried this new diet and it was working well but withiut prioer excerisze its dangerous
Ive had problems with digestion and took out alot of wites. But now its even getting the stomache to do stuff
You shoukd look up ehat the pancreas does if you dont know inhad jonidea its importance and incan see how mine needs to be cleansed and a new diet
Ill be okay. Incould tell my body had been craving veggies and fruits really and nothing else