Itami totomoni kieru
Imi o nashita watashi no koe
Kono mama mou heion e to
Kieteku daro, kieteku daro...



Hi there. My name is Yuuki Itazaki. Its not my real name but its what I go by pretty much everywhere! Even a few of the teachers at school call me that (which is a little wierd...)
My fave music is done mostly with vocaloids. My fave producers are Okame-P, Sele-P, Utsu-P, Niki, AVTechNO!, LIQ, Yuyoyuppe, ATOLS, Circus-P, and TheIndesputed21 on youtube. I also listen to Linkin Park a lot.
I also like to use UTAU. Im very good at making USTs for songs I like, though I havent posted anything Ive done yet. Mostly because I havent actually completed any project Ive started on my own. I have my own UTAU but most of their voices are incomplete or not yet started. Kisa Mine is the one with the most complete voicebank but I dont have her voice anymore. When my laptop broke the only person who had her voice was my friend adell but I cant get a hold of her anymore.
This is my second account on gaia. My first one is yuukisolo808. Im known by this username on every website I visit. On youtube, nicovideo, deviantART, and Im not sure if you can, but I THINK you can find me on facebook that way too... Heck even my email is! Though please dont email me if I dont know or talk to you on a regular basis.
On gaia I play zomg a lot. Mostly on my other account because Im lv 10 on that one. But Im starting to play more on this account.
I used to read a lot of manga... but me and my forgetful brain, I cant really remember all the ones Ive read...
At home I play a lot of video games. Mostly Pokemon games for the GBA and DS but i do play Minecraft for the Xbox XD