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Hi, you're reading TheRoseLife's profile. You can call me Rose, as most people do. My birth name is actually Autumn, but call me whatever floats your boat.
After zOMG shut down, I went on a break and came back every once in a while. The spoiler below this text has all of that info though if you're so curious about me.
I'm back now, but I do not think I'm as active as before, seeing as I'm just a poor college student and currently taking summer classes as I write this. TT
So lets get this done: Currently in love with webtoons, kpop, Mystic Messenger, Game of Thrones, Persona 5, twitch, youtube, and I guess anime although I think its getting a lil old tbh. But by all means feel free to chat to me about anything. I am terribly awkward and make awful puns. Especially cat ones. And I'm sure my friends hate me! :^) but it happens. Send me a PM if you wanna talk. If you're also that curious about the person behind the avi, you can ask for a photo too. But I'm just a 59 year old man so dunno why you would want to. o3o Usually on zOMG!, so I guess I'll maybe see y'all around.

emotion_bigheart Pronese is mi amor. emotion_bigheart

Last updated: Nov 17, 2013 August 14, 2015
Hi you can call me Rose whenever you see me. I quit November 11, 2013. I come back on when I'm bored. Although I am currently becoming a kin masterrrr at Lake Kindred.

I waste away my life watching anime and youtubers like ChilledChaos, GassyMexican, Cryaotic. Those people. I'm always up to talk. Enjoy RP too but I don't think I could ever make it in a RP forum. I am, at the time writing this, 18 years old. I'm growing up. Amg. I get excited to easily. I can speak some Spanish, as well as some Mandarin Chinese. I wouldn't go so far to say I'm fluent but I know quite a bit of it. I'm also into Kpop/Kdramas. PM me/leave a comment and I'll probably say something back. I mean I'm not heartless to leave someone in the dirt... Although some people -COUGH SAMBRAY/MEL/ALLI- might say I am. Jokes. Probably. XD... >w>

Thank you~ Next part is for my friend that mostly left after zOMG did and I wrote it for memories because I left. <w< Read it if you really want to I guess.

I love everyone I've met on gaia so much. Like so so so much. They're on my profile above my art section but I'll name a few:
Sambray, Ahoy Melie, AllixLokii, Karazu _Yagami15, Aqua_Dens, animefanatic208, Mrs CryeneMisery, X.xHashbrownsx.X, JohnM77 and Bystanded are my tops. Seriously, they're all great- wonderful friends and I'm so glad I've met them.

Been here since 2009. Started playing for real though in 2010 since my first game, Ninja Tricks, was closed forever. Three years of being aboard this game and I don't think I've ever regretted it.

To my dearest of friends:

From having people to talk about animes with like Sam, helping me Spanish homework Melo, planing to rule over everything with Allo, always betting people in bets H20, leveling up and playing zomg with Bystanded, playing the oddest of games and pokemon battling along side animefanatic208, and just bugging James to pay up every other day. My life was never boring when I logged onto gaia. And when meebo was gone that didn't stop us ever. Even today we're in a skype group forever together. Different ages, different races, different countries- none of it matters. I love them.


Sambray... Wow I don't even know where to start with you. I can say though, you've changed my life. I have done so many, so fun things with you. From making people rage, to cosplaying, partying, and of course singing, I just... Couldn't be more glad to have met you. Having common interest even though we come from completely different setting is in itself amazing. And welp to be honest, I can trust you more than I can trust real people. Making laugh always with our inside jokes of ours. And of course like any normal people, we've had our fight... Actually I can only think of one. But in the end we have always been together again. Sam, Shine bright like a diamond and kept livin dat thug life. User Image

Mel... Oh Melo. I really only gotten to know you since this year. But we've done so much together it feels like longer. You're so sweet and nice, betch you're a strong and independent woman as well. XD You can speak English so well, I can't even hear that much of a accent on you. You can take a joke which is what I love about you. Not getting mad even when we tease you and try to make you get mad. Without you... Well for starters my Spanish homework would never get done, but also I wouldn't be so open as I am now. I try not to show when I'm upset, but when I do you are always there to listen. User Image


To be honest, I can't remember how we met. It was before Mel and before Sam and mine fight. Thats a pretty long time. And what can I say about you? You're hilarious, smart, Pokemon loving girl. We have so much in common I don't think I can even name it all. From battling in pokemon to listening about my fangirling on mcl. Your sense of humor as well. Although you make fun of people mostly, I always die laughing. Personally I consider you a paradox. Loving the turtle ring, innocent, to planning to rule over and destroy your enemies. Completely different. But it makes up what I love in you. User Image

Sorry if they get lessen from here out... I'm gettin lazy guys. orz

You... My gawd we've have such good times together. One of my few friends who like MLP or Doctor Who. Your voices are amazing and funny. Plus dem avis you make :L They're so fancy and good~ You've made go back to my older game like pokemon and just learn to re-love them. Oh and one day. That Flaming bird is gonna go down. >w<

Aqua Dens
Welp h20. You by far is the funnest to crush, in any game just name it, Hoc, chess. I don't know how much I've won off ya. Tricking you is always fun too, telling you I'm 57, male, Sam's in coma. I don't usually tuna people, but I'm glad I was in that crew with you. If ya ever wanna play a game (specially with betting) hook me up kay? (:
P.S.- BESIDES JELLY FISH ON FACEBOOK. oAo I don't wanna play it.

Karazu _Yagami15
You... Lied to me, owe me money, ditch our crews, and never meow. Somehow though, we love you still. Thats why you got the name James. Because you lied to Sam and I sayin that was your name. You ditch us to go with the Person who makes me rage. Like, you couldn't have picked someone else? Betch you into debt like at least 9 mil to everyone in the chat AND jackets. JUST PAY UP ALREADY. And you NEVER meow in the skype chats. Ya know this is why Jiggy, Mia and Steven are gonna die. And you'll just watch and sip the iced pink lemonade you have... You really sicken me. Though thats also whats fun bout cha, ya know?... JamesxAnime FOR LYFE.

I hope you learned what you wanted to know about me. Take a look at my Rosey adventure to the right of this screen and enjoy the song. Seriously, I love Ken Ashcorp. :L Could listen for hours.

Thank you gaia for letting met these people and just... Making me,... me.



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Soraey Report | 07/20/2017 2:56 pm

Aw, hey that's not too bad~ A lot of cosplayers are only cosplayers, not cosmakers
if you buy your costumes or have them made by someone else that's still the same fun in wearing C:
Also, making stuffed animals is a pretty good talent! Please do show me!

I did Sorey last time, but I forgot to upload my progress anywhere lol, I should;;
I had to get his sword commissioned to someone, so I want to try myself next time!
I'm debating still between Water Armatus Sorey, pokemon's N,
Yue from CCS, or Yurick from The Last Story
Soraey Report | 07/19/2017 11:41 am

omg, yes lol, komaeda is my beautiful son♡
so far I've done everything for my cosplays from wig styling to shoes
just not the weapons, but I'm gonna try that next time >:3c
and some pieces of outfits too, indeed c:
thank you ♡♡
Vimpixra Report | 07/15/2017 5:17 pm
Tyvm ^^
Gothor Salvator Report | 07/15/2017 3:14 pm
Gothor Salvator
ye boiii biggrin
Chi Marvu Report | 07/09/2017 5:38 pm
Chi Marvu
The_lonely_phantom Report | 07/09/2017 3:50 pm
lol X3 thanks
pronq Report | 06/21/2017 8:55 pm
i toldddd u thats why u watch something while u do it
pronq Report | 06/21/2017 8:42 pm
pronq Report | 06/21/2017 8:40 pm
Go farm lake kindred rn
pronq Report | 06/21/2017 7:32 pm
put me on this profile


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