Welcome, to my store! Please take a look and enjoy!

Do not PM me.*
No I will not return a mispriced item.
No I do not care how much you are questing an item, I will not take half the price I have listed it for, so do not ask.
*you can PM 'bout October End of Month tickets. I am selling 1-9 as a whole discounted set.

100m @ 1:01AM 1.14.14
500m @ 12:03 PM 2.8.14
1k transactions @ 11:11PM 2.21.14
1b @ 2:31PM 2.22.14
Max Store Profits @ 10:24PM 3.14.14 {Old Profit Cap]
10b @ 10:56PM 4.6.14
20-21b @ 12:45PM 4.10.14
28-36b @ 6:44AM 4.28.14
1T @ 10:22AM 11.5.14
2T @ 11:41PM 12.3.14

3T @ 12:03AM 1.6.15


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