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Art and Signs and Vocaroos!

By me:

By EdibleKangaroo:

By SharkJelly:

Vocaroo from The Dandelion Prince. It\'s mostly just silence but the end makes it worth it smilies/icon_heart.gif

By x SecondSetback x

By Usuri:

By NoNo Belendrake:

By Tarot Rune:

By uh MOO:

By Laurence Wilhelm:

By impact heal:

By qriel:

By S P A I N:

By lazy asuka:

By Le Toxique:

Done by Me:

From Vanilla Chai Honey:

I did this:

From Sp0tted Leaf:

From Ami Melodi:

From CB Nazi:

From The Cosmic Mutt:

From Reves de Toi:

From [Boo Boo]:

From Cpt Issa Kazume:

From Veste:

From Morbid Pixelz:

From Soramatsuri:

Done by me:

From B a m b i R o o

From TheMainCharacter1:

From The Saving Grace:

From Captain Sho smilies/icon_heart.gif:

The best vocaroo from I Fight Drunk so far smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif

A gift from my fiance Crazy Straw smilies/icon_heart.gif :

I made this:

From Revisited Wand smilies/icon_heart.gif

Vocaroo by Herr Schlachtungsmilies/icon_heart.gif

From B a m b i R o o:

I made this:

From Trojan.exe

From Jewgasmic Kinkfest:

From Ciairre:

Vocaroo from Mikhail Schizoid

From adriancooper:

Another vocaroo from I fight Drunksmilies/icon_heart.gif

From Drehstuhl:

From panicward:

From Lascivious Scoundrel:

From: wings of eternity

From Hingg:

Another Vocaroo by I Fight Drunk

Vocaroo by I Fight Drunk

Done by me:

From Reiozu:


From Whatevah88:

From Janish:

From katzilla:

From GoddessOfTheDream:

From Antique White:

From Delicious HeartAttack:

From Lacy Graves:

From Sneak Chamber:

From Yukitsu:

From Doomboo:

From YouTubedUrMom:

From Generic Label:

From panic its chelseaa:

From Zxro:


From Crying Mockingbird:

From hot:

From ArtificialXZombie:

From DeetDeetGorphino:

From Song of Sickness:

By Me:
This was such a b***h to draw

From TnTease:

I drew this:

And this:

From -Rainbowlicious-Kisses-:
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From Sexual Shenanigans:

From Lord Rape:

From normallyrandom:

From Kojiro Wateregurasu:

From _-Goth-Kitten-Anna-_ :

From Uze:

From Cannibalistic Masterpiece:

From Fuarie:

From Dessyis_:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.


Songs and Quotes about me

JustSmiIe Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
JustSmiIe Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
Oh god I'm so weird.

Yup :heart:

But that's why we love you :hug:

VodkaandLSDsexesU Wrote:
That's because you're a ******** idiot...don't use ignorance as an excuse to complain once again about something you could have prevented.

Cherishable Moment Wrote:
thats just cause you're cool. k? :cute:

Tiecken Wrote:
Only because we're too busy staring at her beautiful avatar. :donotwant:

twin cities Wrote:
oh you and your best friend alcohol

Synthetic Faust Wrote:
Careful when you go out to get it. If someone tramples ya, I'm gonna have to cut a b***h. :x

Panda Genocide Wrote:

Because you aren't dumb?

Legit Cancer Wrote:
I'll kill for your art.

YouTubedUrG0d Wrote:
or non of the cool people are on
except you ofc

Tiecken Wrote:
I like you a lot, but you also scare me. :emo:

Sasha Wrote:
I was talking to Moira and she was like "isn't Theory of the Absurd totally cute?" And I was like "Theory of the Absurd is SO totally cute."

PanFriedPuppies Wrote:
No, not you.
You're always nice to see posting. :)

BleachedDreams Wrote:

Eye hate you. >.> Nuf said.

NeoSnuggles Wrote:
but i like all your threads :(

oBun Wrote:
i like you

Sexual Therapist Wrote:

do you know i love you

dinogon Wrote:
u can always hit up those free art threads. if ure lucky, its rly good.
like theory of the absurd does nice art, & she sometimes does the free art thing. :3nod:

dandy dorko Wrote:
gosh if you don't know by now I'm just going to go ahead and spell it out for you cause I think you are absolutely ******** fantastic! and i adore the art you create almost as much as i do you yourself! which is a lot. :3nod:

Rako Highlancer Wrote:
well arent you just a b***h,

AttackAllAround Wrote:
This is a good thread, this is a good post. I love you.

Biscuits and Groovy Wrote:
r u like

Infamous Saiint Wrote:
OMG you posted in my topic you're mega cool :oops: :sweat: :heart:

Hingg Wrote:
You're a reg.
I remember youuuu c:
You used to post a lot :o

NinjaLanfan Wrote:
i hereby decree you the new lawyer of the chatterbox

Death in a Bag Wrote:

I have concluded from seeing many of your topics that you are an alcoholic.

Mr Fartbox Wrote:
you remind me of a macaroni penguin

Prlcanerd Wrote:
Nobody likes a negative nancy

not even that n***a Tom Clancey

i don't like that rapper webbie or doubting debbies

none of that s**t thats so heavy :x

the only person i really like is theory of absurd

because she has a voice like a songbird :oops:

Prlcanerd Wrote:
theory is getting bored now, now

trying to find entertainment, but she doesn't know how, how

i try to help with my raps, raps

but all she wanna do is play craps, craps

my raps do get old, old

and there not really bold, bold

I-I swear, swear

we gonna fly up-up outta here, here c:

Sexual Harassment Bear v3 Wrote:
the most amazing cb'er theory of the absurd
she'll prove shes greater with just one word
She is surely the most amazing for we have proof
because only amazing people can remain that aloof
oh I wish I was I was as cool as you
but I know that'll never happen just like good smelling poo

i use to be Wrote:

Prlcanerd Wrote:
I'm in love with a stripper

i want her to pull down my zipper

oh dat a** makes me go crazy

and when she gives me head im like "Yes Miss. Daisyyy!"

I'm so happy I met her in Michigan

i can't till i ******** that b***h again

I outta let you now her name is kind of absurd

and she kind of acts like a nerd, you heard? :oops:

Prlcanerd Wrote:
Everyone loves talking s**t about politicsssss

but we don't give a ******** because were a bunch of alcoholiccsssssssssss

hey man, i see no shame at all

because are economy is going to fall

oh wait we in the struggle

why doesn't theory wanna snuggle T_T

is it because i made this lame rap

and i just turned it into crap?

i wanna leave now

because i ******** up

Asexuality Wrote:
lol theory of the absurd

here's my theory: you're mad

Highpass Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Fred Flintstoned Wrote:
i choose
theory of the absurd uses absurd theory & ur head explodes ok who is next

dandy dorko Wrote:
thanks :oops: i like you too

The Hot Box Wrote:
c: I think you are an interesting person.
I see you a lot, and I like your username.

A CB REG IS U Wrote:

Revisited Wand Wrote:
The theory that I have a crush on Theory of the absurd isn't absurd

Revisited Wand Wrote:
I have to watch Aladdin again.
Btw, if you were a song, you'd be stuck in my head.

Cockulator Wrote:
Then don't worry, nobody will make you disappear~
You will always be one of the true regs

lnsa Wrote:
I wasn't ignoring you
I just lost myself basking in your splendour :oops:

Prlcanerd Wrote:
oh look its Theory of the absurd

she all up in this s**t, worddddddddd

you don't want to mess with this n***a

because she'll pull out a gun and pull the trigga

nah im just jokin

we do alot of tokin

and now i just lost train of thought

and also the bag of weed i shoudve brought :lol:

Revisited Wand Wrote:
Alexis is an illogcal fact
Her style of thinking is totally whack
But she's hot as fire
It's her I desire
To have fun with in the sack

Lacy Graves Wrote:
As much as I love you, QUIT MUSCLING IN ON MY BEGGING.

Bishop C8 Wrote:
I totally have a crush on you.
Ever since I saw you that one time.
You know.

Ignorant_dudetolaughat Wrote:
I have crush on you. :)

les voyous Wrote:

theory of the absurd :o
her avi, damn, it's so blue :cute:
Even though she makes all the Cb'ers go :oops: :sweat:
like on a really hard test :lol:
i hope this put a smile on your face
but it probably didn't cus I suck at rapping. 8)

Neurohazard Wrote:

but it's sexy when you're obnoxious. :lol:

Cuddles of Darkness Wrote:
You live up to your username.

Aristocratic Nonchalance Wrote:
akshully i rlly lyk u
u r captain of the gold card members

dinogon Wrote:
sorry. :( but you;re just too absurd.

LambCham Wrote:
My love for you burns like a Charizard's tail.

[quote="Genocidal Fornication"]Hey you're pretty, wanna ********]

a jurk Wrote:
hey alexis wanna go out :wink:

oBun Wrote:
Everlasting Boner Wrote:
Theory is my friend:)

i like her:cry:

MaleficDeviant Wrote:
You're absurd!

Captain Kibbles Wrote:
Huff, Huff! I am the only official rapist in the chatterbox and i will not be overthrown by a theory of abusrdness! -Draws sword, Epic stance-

Herr Schlachtung Wrote:

Oh I deff lurv you

The Red Rebelx Wrote:
You, sir, are absurd.
But this is only a theory.

Abortum Wrote:
I Abort Babies For A Living..
[align=center] [b]
<3 I'm going to get your username as a tramp stamp tattoo.:heart:

I Don't See You Contributing To Society As Much As Me

Revisited Wand Wrote:
You're not beautiful.

The sentence above is a lie.
The one below is the truth.

You are absolutely beautiful. If only I was a little older...

E-Pr0 Wrote:
I adore you.

Sir Pelvic Thrust Wrote:
But I can still tell you you're beautiful, 'cause that ain't no lie :wink:

el goob Wrote:
you're filthy gorgeous

reproduce Wrote:
i like u :wink:

Keist Wrote:
i didn't need confirmation that you are better than all this chaff but there it is anyway!! :)

Revisited Wand Wrote:
That sucks. The no access, not the fencing. Of course I miss you. Without you, life would be absurd.

DarkJoker99 Wrote:
That Theory is absurd. Everyone knows the Earth orbits CB.

Doomboo Wrote:
Don't listen to anything she says. She's Theory of the Absurd. She doesn't know what she's talking about!

Ig-Knighted Wrote:
i always stalk u cuz ur so pretty :oops:

xXMaster of LordsXx Wrote:
i totally just jizzed im my pants for you:oops:

Epiphany of Oblivion Wrote:
Nahh. You're totally an amazing, intimidating person.

Rindesayu_Ayame Wrote:
I like you. :3 :heart:

OsuTatakaeOuendan Wrote:
Theory of a deadman

General nincompoop Wrote:
but but...your sexy
why wouldn't anyone want to
talk to you? :oops:

Captain Sho Wrote:
nope, your too pretty to be intimidating :o

Moz Grozendix Wrote:
Don't be absurd~

BoY MaC Wrote:
your username is wicked cool.!!
but ive never met you to be honest

Vulgar Wrote:

You're fun to pick on.

Lord i-dc Wrote:
          You are the cutest shortest girl I've ever laid my eyes on. And it was my honor to have my first lesbian experience with you.

          *beats highpass*

Pretenshus Wrote:
[align=center]I like you, Your avies are elaborate. C:

Revisited Wand Wrote:
I'm in the process of selecting a tertiary education which is really important for my future so what the heck, you're more interesting.

Rinaldi von izeburn Wrote:
wait I know why you're tired

because you've been running through my mind all day.

J.P. Chartreuse Wrote:
you are one of those women with intensely angular faces that are good, if perhaps jarring, when young and just get better with age, cf. Meryl Streep.

anonymous on formspring Wrote:
Half the CB thought you were a dude, and here you are, not only very much female, but very much hot. How does it make you feel to know so many couldn't tell by talking to you?

Der Streuner Wrote:
it makes you look like a GODESS D:

The Pancake Wrote:
you look... ravishing

Nikki Von Nekro Wrote:
you haff von my heart

F5 Gadget Wrote:
aw, thanks.

i like you too.

E-Pr0 Wrote:
That's simply absurd, I adore you.

Anonymous on Formspring Wrote:
I always thought you were a gay guy. T_T No offense.

Ticked Wrote:
/force adds again. :scream:

M A U R l C E Wrote:
I wanted to get the Fraulein Marzen off your Store.
Plus, I admit like the others, your Username is awesome.
It's more Badass than a Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8t eating a SmartCar alive.


Lord i-dc Wrote:
          I always looked up to these CB'ers;

          Keist-- Theory of Absurd-- Spot the Zebra.
          The Sexual Therapist.

          I don't know why, I just always thought if I had a sister, I'd want it to be them.

Suufae v2 Wrote:
Why that's a...THEORY OF THE ABSURD.

Captain Sho Wrote:

Ok how about this:
my day was wonderful because i spent it thinking of u :)

Slynka Wrote:
I like your name. :cute:

Gluk Wrote:
I love you.

Ahelix Wrote:
Your avi is cool. He looks like a successful Captin. element Fire and ground. and has a nak for tiny round objects :3nod:

Aristocratic Nonchalance Wrote:
v v v v hard
but i dont mind being killed by you

Sex for Dinner Wrote:
i love you too man

E-Pr0 Wrote:
Okay, okay. You're awesome too, but I don't need a hug.

Stalexen v2 Wrote:
      you are my new favorite person in the world.

Gluk Wrote:
Oh hells yeah I know it.

I stalk you every so often.

S e c k z e t t e Wrote:
your answer should have been:
"because i am the theory of the absurd"

Mikhail Schizoid Wrote:
I keep getting friend requests tonight, it makes me feel popular. But then I realize, they're all annoying dumb faces. :x
But YOU, you're so awesome you got a friend request from meeeee!!
Which is really rare to get ;- ;

history of Wrote:
idek just after paulfagg i keep thinking theory of the abturd, no hard feelings :)

Duggers McNuggers Wrote:
'cause you're awesome...
...and you Pancake. :D

Voyevoda Makarov Wrote:

            I was going to say something rude and then I remembered I loved your avi art.

Gluk Wrote:
Then I find you incredibly attractive.

Fred Flintstoned Wrote:
absurd just like tha theory
these posts just make me weary
i strike a lil feary
every time i grab yer reary

s u p e r r g e e k Wrote:
gurl u so crazy

or boy
idk idk D:

[NPC] Nippers Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:

You're noisy. What, you've never seen an elf before?

The Pancake Wrote:
alexis alexis you da man if you can't do it no one can!

Highpass Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
I'm not THAT dumb :c

you can interpret "you all are" as "everyone else is"

Wear Prada Wrote:
you're so cool

Blast Heart Wrote:


Doomboo Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd--
Doomboo will sex you up, baybee
ching chong
Love, Fortune Cookie

ate my balls Wrote:


a jurk Wrote:
theory of the absurd has a nice a** i think

Tsavich Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
I rather like you :heart:
It is mutual, dear.

Blast Heart Wrote:
you are awesomely absurd :heart:

yeah that will get me in your pro 8)

M I N T C H A L K Wrote:
maybe not

but you are still a stupid little person P:

Arsonphobia Wrote:

Paulfagg Wrote:
theory of the absurd
rhymes with
theory of the ub-turd

Paulfag Wrote:
Theory Theory of the Absurd
Told me, "Bird bird bird
bird is the word"
I told her "Your name really suits you
and nigguh I hope you can do kung fu"

PteraBite Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
I'm not doing this again
Don't be absurd

Mewzs Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
you excluded me on purpose :cry:

i excluded you because you are more hot than cute

Erotics Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
you excluded me on purpose :cry:
you're not cute, you're sexy.
i am not sexy, i am cute.

ChristineWinks Wrote:
i love you will you be my best friend.
do you want water or coffee i could even make some tea.
/kisskissfeetnass. :cute:

KennH Wrote:
Hey look! we are twins! :heart:
i was wondering what cat item you were using so i can be as cute as you! lol
I didn't really mean to copy you, i was just inspired by your avi because i think it is really awesome. :oops:
hope you don't mind :whee:

Lord i-dc Wrote:

[lemon fizz] Wrote:
the fact that you make no sense is adorable.<3

Lord i-dc Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd Wrote:
oh you

          I'll protect you, even from myself. T_T :heart:

Prlcanerd Wrote:
make absurd really angry: √ :)

old balls Wrote:
i quit for an hour,
p.s. your a sexy beast.

Lord i-dc Wrote:
          Like yeah she's a whore, and yeah she might be a little clingy, emotional, and gets abortions while she brushes her teeth.
          But I like theory of the absurd. :(

neon nails Wrote:
man you are amazing

J.P. Chartreuse Wrote:

o.O you are getting weirder over time, my friend.

stggs Wrote:
Trojan.exe Wrote:
that must have taken dedication
newfags cant Theory of the Absurd

fred flintstoned Wrote:

who is this Absurd b***h
some old dude, i think his name's mitch
i bet he's got really old, saggy balls
cuz if so i would like to apply for booty calls

Absurd of the Theory
can't see this n***a clearly
i clearly love her dearly
till i find out she is merely

a crazy old guy
sittin on the other side
of the net, surfin kiddie porn
fappin heavy since the day you were born

- Lil wayne

Backwards Cupcake Wrote:
Theory of the Absurd,
The best I've ever heard.
Sometimes I like to masturbate,
And think of taking you on a date.
Because you know that I would like,
To be your little lover dyke.
And be with you wherever you go.
Well now I must screw a potato.



HeartMooneh Wrote:
Tota, tota, you betta know 'uh
She bought to blow up
Tota tota :scream:

This kind of theory
confuses me
it's like takin' geometry
all over again.

The absurd
is obviously the word,
but gaia is going PG
so I can't be me.

But I must say, dear
your eyes
shine crystal clear
in the night.

and your v****a-

- Anonymous

Homicidal Muffinz Wrote:
This theory, though made loosely
confuses the hell outta me
something about the secret password?
well let me tell you, this s**t is just absurd

woah that sucked <3

Ariestole Wrote:
this theory of the absurd
is so absurd
that when she saw a bird
she threw a turd
which is really absurd
since she's a nerd
and nerds hate turds
so this confuses the hell out of her vajaja.



Number of people who think I have good taste in pixels


what about me??

comment me
I'm never on anymore. Welcome to adulthood.
Theory of the Absurd

"The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth"