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babymiIk on 10/08/2015

{ This is for my RPC; my other info is at the bottom in the spoiler tag & in the 'likes' tab to the right! }

✦ Comment me. ✦

Name: Theodorra “Theo”
Meaning God’s Gift
Gender: Female
Race: Abomination (elf x tooth fairy*)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Age: 16
Height: 148cm, 58in, 4'10"
Weight: 42kg, 93 lbs
Status: Laghairt Nobel / Opera Diva
Weapon: Various
Personality: Personality-disorder / difficult-yandere
Favorite Food: Blood & bone (much like her mother)
Love Obsession: Doesn’t exist (yet)

*OCC Note: Tooth fairy is from the original origins. A tooth fairy feeds off of bones and teeth and kidnaps children to use as ‘livestock’. These types of fairies can come as human sized or as small as a mouse, but are all dangerous, especially when protecting their own offspring or wanting to feed them.

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...You're kidding right?

IRL info
Ello, loves. I suppose you want to know about the woman behind the avatar, hm? Allow me to shed some light on the matter.

I'm a young woman that is studying to become a Dental Hygienist, I have three years of classes left till I'm done (so close, yet so far). It's no secret that I'm an avid practitioner of yoga and do it daily (your health is important, don't waste it). I'm also keen on using natural forms of medicine to cure ailments and can vouch for some of the natural forms of medicine I have used on myself.

I'm slightly on the artistic side as I love henna art and always looking for new forms of tools to use. Unfortunately, I am still a 'noob' and do make mistakes. For example, accidentally turned my big toe orange for almost a week because I spilled the henna paste on it! I like to try different forms of art just to see how I would do and I must say, I'm pretty ammature at best for most of what I've tried so far.

Religion is one of those double-edged swords that I get asked every so often. I'll simply straight up say it now that I'm a Witch and I feel no shame in it. Yes, there is bad stigma with the word in many cultures, but I feel if people get to meet me, they completely forget about that stigma all together. In general I believe everyone is correct on their own religions: it is like opinions and all of us have our own. It is what makes is unique and filled with diversity.

What am I doing on Gaia? I joined Gaia almost a year after the site started. There has always been a special place for Gaia that I couldn't erase, even through all the ups and downs this site went through. I'm mainly on Gaia for roleplaying and simply hanging out. Creating worlds, stories, and characters is what gives me a creative outlet for some of my energies. That is why my IRL info is basically never seen or at the very bottom of my character's info.

In general I'm a friendly person, but sometimes my straight-forward way of putting my opinions can come off as rude. I mean no harm in them and I'm simply not used to not tip-toeing around people's feelings with the truth. Other times I can get burned out with being social and want to be alone for a little while; which I'm sure everyone feels once in awhile.

Kamiko Hinote