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This Is Me, Well, Most Of Me Anyways...

Greetings Carbon-Based Life-Forms, I am TheManyFacesofJester and I will admit, that I am lazy. I just want to get that out of the way. I am a lazy person. I hate leaving my house no matter what the cause.
I am Home-Schooled so I stay home all day. That’s most likely why I don't like leaving the house.

My Mother enters contests on the computer all day, so we win a lot of prizes. Most of them are unnecessary prizes such as Water Bottles, or T-Shirts, but we have won a lot of excellent prizes as well. We have won 6 Wii Systems, 5 of which we gave away, an X-Box 360, 2 X-Boxes, Countless Trips/Vacations, and Much more!

Much to your surprise, I do actually do normal things like lick the inside of the yogurt lid. I have a stuffed animal collection consisting of aver 300 stuffed animals, Big, and Small. Don't judge me! They're cute! I started the collection from the day I was born, and have refused to part with any since. Which means that the top bunk of my Bunk Bed/Futon has gotten to the point where it is an unsafe enviroment to sleep in due to the risk of Head-Continuisly-Banging-On-The-Celing Syndrome.

I do not get cable at my house, meaning that my Television choices are limited. I only get ABC, NBC, CBS, T.V. Guide, Discovery, Ion, And Paid Programming. I do not watch T.V. that often so I am happy with all the channels that I have, including the Paid Programming.
I no longer get T.V. Guide as my television provider has decided they play to many movies.

If you can not already tell, I don't like change. No good has ever come of change, and most likely never will. At least not from my point of view.

Now it is time for the Random portion of my profile. Beginning with a list of my Favorites. Feel free to list all your "Favorites" in your comment.

Favourite Movies:
1) Lord of the Rings
2) X-Men First Class
3) Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

Favourite T.V. Shows:
1) Merlin
3) Game of Thrones

My Favorite Books:
1) Bella At Midnight.
2) Prada and Prejudice
3) Into The Wild Nerd Yonder

Favourite Music Genres:
1) Techno
2) Theme Songs

Here I have listed my Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies, and what-not, just for your amusement.

My Dreams For The Future:
I want to own my own house in Florida, work at Disney, marry a Science Teacher who is exactly 7 years older then me, and have a "Cloudier" of cats, each named after a famous writer.

My Crazy Dream For The Future:
I want to live on the ride "It's A Small World", Go on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Invent the first Flying Broomstick and organize the first Quidditch Team called El Dorado's Gold, and own Garfield.

My Interests and/or Hobbies:

Drawing Manga.
Talking in my fake Russian accent/Alter Ego "Gertrude" whom everyone I know has to meet.
Clocks. I am obsest with clocks.
And Laughing.

Things I like, Things that make me happy:

When people remember to replace the shaving cream/shampoo/ECT. so I don't have to get into the shower before realizing there out and having to go in the basement naked to get the shaving cream/shampoo/ECT.
Feeling Infinitely Powerful and Immortal when I beat a video game.
Finding a really good book series.
Guys with abs.
Hugging my Stuffed Animals. I know your laughing right now and I want you to stop.
T.V. shows with good punch scene. All movies, in my opinion, need at least one punch scene in them.
Pointing out clocks.
Being my naturally funny, charming self.
Finding a full tube of toothpaste.
Taking risks.
Laughing in general.
Getting crap for free.
And riding escalators.

Things That Irk Me:

Breaking a toenail because my stupid sister stopped in front of me while walking so I crash into her.
My allergies to pollen, dust, and grass.
When my sister and brother bet how many times I am going to sneeze.
When people say PEACE OUT instead of good-bye.
When the toothpaste bottle is all crunched up because its empty but no one will replace it.
When I am told to do to many things at once.
And being in an elevator people.
People in general.

Will You Join The NerdFest Quest?

What is NerdFest you ask? Allow me to explain! NerdFest is basically just me locking myself in a room, and watching All the nerdy shows that I love! What shows you ask? (Gee, you are just full of questions!) Well, here is a list of the shows to watch:

1: All Three Lord of The Rings, and The Hobbit.
2: All 6 Star Wars.
3: All The X-Men
4: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
5: Season One and Two of Merlin
6: Space Balls The Movie
8:Doctor Who
9: And Maybe Harry Potter

Also for NerdFest, you can throw in some videos games just to make it more Nerdy! Such as Mario, Spyro, Destroy All Humans, ECT.
Yup, NerdFest! Sounds fun, but it takes about a few days to complete, so if you are going to have NerdFest, make sure you have a whole week/weekend to dedicate to it.

Thanks For Reading, And Remember To Comment!



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Me, Myself, and I

Ok, so I am pretty much just going to write whatever I feel like writing when ever i feel like writing. It is usually going to be about what I am watching on T.V. what I am interested in and my thoughts on everything going on in the world right now.

You Have Listened To Me Prattle Aimlessly, Now It's Your Turn...

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andi the time lady Report | 12/28/2011 9:49 am
andi the time lady
yes I have it's one of my favorite songs smile
Kimiku-sempai Report | 10/23/2011 11:25 am

One: Who are you?
Two: Why you be stalking?
And Three: No I'm not a mule, gosh! Why would you think an animal would have a gaia! That is totally silly. I think you should get out more, i mean use logic! LOL I'm kidding but I am not a mule account. I just don't wanna add people and decorate at the moment. I mean really. I just wanna earn as much gold as I can for now. when my avi to AMAZING then I can start adding and chatting to people as much as i like.
Hime_Kurotsuki Report | 07/10/2011 5:37 pm
ahhhh sad fleas must die those poor kittehs n i am good blaugh having a nice summer for nows
Hime_Kurotsuki Report | 07/07/2011 10:39 pm
hey crying miss uuuuuuu xd im boreds how u been?
Run Merlin Run Fast Report | 06/28/2011 8:37 pm
Run Merlin Run Fast
To Answer Your Signiture Question,
Merlin. Definatly Merlin. You Absolutly CAN NOT Deny How Good He Looks!
Magical Merlin Report | 04/12/2011 3:41 pm
Magical Merlin
I am delighted to meet you and your many pointless facts! heart
Linden Chester Report | 03/23/2011 12:23 pm
Linden Chester
Check out the onerepublic song .. MARCHING ON....
Linden Chester Report | 03/16/2011 12:32 pm
Linden Chester
OMG! i looked up the song you said you liked by One Republic.... Thanx so much! i only knew Secrets from the movie Sorcerers Apprentece. sweatdrop so... yeah... THANX
Linden Chester Report | 03/16/2011 12:23 pm
Linden Chester
*GRIN* whoohoo. (you know, i say that legolas is the love child if Lucious Malfoy and Orlando Bloom xp )
Linden Chester Report | 03/16/2011 12:01 pm
Linden Chester
Aragorn all the way! i dunno why, he is better looking and stronger, and I can just picture Legolas turning fruity for some reason... but i still love him, i just like Aragorn better xp

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