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First off, I'm not telling my real name. I've had it drilled into my head for sixteen years that there are 'Creepy People' out there. You can call me Nerd, most do.

Second, I guess I should explain the user name I love to read, watch anime/read manga, write, I also enjoy my science and math classes.I enjoy drama, despite being too scared to get up and perform. I tend to enjoy school, learning or playing games to talking to real humans. Plus, up until recently, I was 15. A major nerd who was 15. Now I'm 16, and just too lazy to change it.

Third, I guess you want to learn more about me. More than the fact that I'm a nerd (And PROUD!) So here you go.

I'm sixteen.
I'm a girl.
I wear glasses.
I've read more books than I can count.
I want to be a biochemist or a writer eventually.
I have two rabbits and two dogs.
I cook, a lot.
I'm socially awkward.
I'm a nerd. (Didn't we already cover this?)
I love snakes.
I have a horrible phobia of needles (trypanophobia.)
I use big words.
Also. I don't care about your religon, sexual orientation, race, or gender. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. It's that simple.

Six-Word stories

Racism, Sexism, Ect.
People who complain, but don't try to fix their problem.
Mixed up Homophones.
Mean people.
Badly developed characters.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!


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Bynn Report | 04/22/2014 4:34 pm
Thank you for your purchase heart
StellaBailey Report | 03/30/2014 12:41 pm
StellaBailey Report | 03/30/2014 12:19 pm
Yep, I want to buy me a camera on gaia.
StellaBailey Report | 03/30/2014 11:33 am
I'm Stella
StellaBailey Report | 03/30/2014 9:02 am
Hy smile
Starcryer Report | 03/22/2014 11:22 pm
heart Thanks for selling! smile
JoshuaChung Report | 10/20/2013 10:20 am
Thank you!
I think yours looks equally adorable! heart
JoshuaChung Report | 10/19/2013 2:16 pm
You're welcome! heart
Thank you for having the item in the first place! blaugh
Marikoe Report | 10/18/2013 12:02 am
Welcome :3
That Asian Nerd Report | 10/07/2013 10:09 pm
That Asian Nerd
OH YESS. I love "Graceling" more than I do "Fire". I showed my friend those two books and she said her favorite was "Fire". I told I had disagreed with that one. Lol. whee

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