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'Only to go alone. Lonliness is the throb of my watch, long shrivelled aspiration. I have something left. Two things left. My viola. The other thing. Your image. I cannot seem to get rid of it...'


Nice to see you on my profile, the quote up there is from a faveourite painting of my by Tom Phillips. Quick bit of information about myself. I <3 the 80's, I <3 daft punk, pendulum, and the prodigy. I can sing and play piano. I'm quite short for my age, and I have epic eyes.

I am a big fan of doing character cosplays, here's a list of mine:

- The Mad Hatter,
- The Queen of Hearts,
- Katniss Everdeen,
- Effie Trinkett (needs a bit more work still),
- The Black Widow,
- A general Tron: Legacy character,
- Sho Minamimoto,
- Tinkerbell

I'll list more when I do them, and I'll try and get avatar shot things of them or whatever! If you see me floating round towns, give me a buzz, ask me to demo one or more, and I'll be glad to do so. Also if you'd like me to list them items I've used for them, just let me know :3

Talk later guys!