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Birthday: 05/30


+*+*+* Role Play Info *+*+*+

Name : JackOlin Lantern

Nick name : JackO'Lantern

True Identity: The JackO'Lantern, last young Knight of HalloweenTown.

Age : She came to Gaia when she needed a new body, Jack granted this to the lost soul as long as she served as his Knight.
Despite her help, Ester won.
Body looks 24, she was reborn as a pumpkin sprite.

Voice : Sweet with a Scottish accent.

Witch Girl

A friend of Klarion Bleak, grow up as neighbors.

Born in Limbo Town, where the former residents of Roanoke ended up after supposedly disappearing centuries ago, Klarion Bleak and JackOlin grew up in a sort of perverted version of Puritania, where necromancy was common (and in fact was a vital staple of the local industry) and every witch-man, witch-woman and witch-child had their own draaga, or familiar. Klarion and JackOlin always suspected there was a world beyond, but was vigorously discouraged from asking questions by the strict Submissionary Judah. However, when a spine-rider of the Sheeda arrived in Limbo Town one day, Judah and his fellow submissionaries panicked, convinced that the spine-rider had been sent in advance of their extermination. They transformed themselves into a Horigal, a monstrous gestalt form bonding the three of them and their familiars together. They then attacked all the witch-men in town, including Klarion's stepfather Ezekial. Klarion and JackOlin, who had found out about the Horigal and had tried to warn everyone, was pursued by the monster and fled upwards. In the process, They were separated from Teekl and Pumpkin, there familiars.
Into the Blue Rafters
Klarion ended up in the Manhattan subway system, JackOlin ended up in Gotham city.

* Shapeshifter : Will often change how she looks to suit her own vanity.
Psychic Link: Jack has an innate psychic bond with his cat, allowing him to communicate with Pumpkin and see through Pumpkin's eyes.
* Sorcery: Beings born in Limbo Town have a deep magical history that has been passed down from generation to generation, magic and religion are one in the same for them and as such Jack is highly skilled with magic since he's used it her whole life.
* Dimensional Travel: She can travel between Limbo Town (a deep underground magically blocked society), Castle Revolving, the world we know and beyond through his own power. She doesn't demonstrate the ability and naively throws himself through these dimensional barriers without realizing it.
* Energy Projection: She is able to use magical items to project all sorts of energy without any sort of difficulty, She has not been seen actually producing energy from her hands.
* Energy Absorption: (albeit in a smaller portion)
* Necromancy: Even without the Cruciform, Jack is adept in summoning and controlling the dead.
* Divination: Through the use of the magics she learned as a young girl, JackOlin can divine many events and situations such as when she needed to search Gotham City for her lost familiar.
* Eldritch Blast: JackOlin has been able to fight off magical enemies through often haphazardly throwing Eldritch bolts.
* Possession: Whether or not this is an ability or a power, JackOlin's eye glow and she can control anyone whom she focuses on.
* Phasing: JackOlin has recently shown the ability to phase through walls as she did in his search for Pumpkin.
* Size Alteration: Whether this was a product of her energy absorption or in fact a combination with it is unknown.
* Transformation: She can combine his entity with that of her familiar to create a Horigal. When merged with her cat to become a Horigal, only a witch-man can undo the spell. The Horigal is a large monstrous creature that retains it's intelligence and skill despite becoming a large beast.
* Occultism: JackOlin is extremely skilled in the use of magic, and knows several advanced spells (such as the forming of a Horigal, soul-brokering, and how to steal magic from others.)
* Deception: She is also incredibly skilled in beguiling and tricking people.
Jack Magic Wand: A small wand that allows control over dead flesh and such.

* Croatoan ( Klarion's first wand.)
* Jack Cleric Tome ( A spell book. )
* Jack Warrior Sword (A magic sword used to manipulate her own magical aura. )
* Castle Revolving: (formerly) A large castle created by the Sheeda that allows her transport through time.
* JackOlin has a sprite-like physical demeanor, pointed ears and pale skin.
* JackOlin lacks knowledge of the modern world he calls the, "Blue Rafters".
* JackOlin is unable to remain separated from Pumpkin for long periods of time. Whether this is psychological in nature of mystical is unknown.
* Hair : Pumpkin
* Skin : Pale.
* Eyes : Blue,green, sometimes green or yellow.
* Body Type : Hourglass
* Height : 5.3 } 5.5 in heals {
* Weight : 120
* Personality Tipe : chaotic neutral
* Grandmother was a succubus, shes very much a sprite.
[NPC] Jack
[NPC] Skullfetcher
[NPC] Mr. Clawdangles
[NPC] Nightfang
[NPC] Peaches
[NPC] Silky Meadows
[NPC] Turkey