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Hello, Who are you?

Hello, and Welcome! My name is JakDaxter29, but you can call me Jak. I am 16, and currently live in Utah. I am a Computer Programmer and App Developer by Hobby and have created apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and Windows 10. After Highschool, (If I can pull up my grades of course) I would love to work at Microsoft or Google. I currently lean toward Microsoft as my first phone was a Windows Phone so I have a warm place in my heart for them.

What Are You Doing Right Now?

Currently, I’m a Sophomore in High School (11th Grade). My Highest Grades are in Programming and English. I hate school. I hate the people there and I hate most of my teachers. Anyway, When I’m not at school, I am usually at home on my Xbox or My Browser. I guess you can say I have an Internet Addiction? I also love to beta test software that I deem useful and currently get to Beta Test software for Microsoft (Sometimes even private beta test!). I binge watch anime on Netflix and loooove FMA/FMAB.

Where Can I Find You? (Off of Gaia, That Is)

Xbox: JakDaxter29
Twitter: @ninjacattrav
Facebook (I use an Alias on Facebook):
DeviantART: t_j_m
PSN (Don’t play PS that much): Finn4Evar


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Daffodil the Destroyer Report | 11/27/2017 9:30 pm
Daffodil the Destroyer
Hey hey, thanks for the fish!
User Image
Russia_Hetalia121 Report | 11/22/2017 6:40 pm
Hoi kouhai!!
starnivore Report | 10/29/2017 3:35 am
aww ty!
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 10/01/2017 2:26 pm
That's alright, since you can always rewatch in your spare time.
The characters don't have to be perfect or anything, since you can place them in situations not displayed in the anime.
After all, that's what makes doing RPs so entertaining. User Image
Are you still wanting to do one with me?
Also, these new emotes are awesome!! User Image
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 09/22/2017 5:20 pm
The sunset had the sky set ablaze like a glorious painting worthy of being hung in a prestigious castle.
The air was warm and a lovely breeze rustles the leaves in the already peaceful scenery.
However, the serenity was broken by Shippo's small voice, when he looked up at the cliff-side that the group was passing by and asked.

"Hey, isn't that Sesshomaru?"

Said Daiyoukai was staggering into view, seeming to be trying to flee from something.
His silver hair looked to be ablaze, as the sunset reflected off of his waterfall of silver hair.
The beautiful image he painted became even more laced with tragedy, when a few moments later, a large bull demon came charging at him from behind.
Large horns connected with Sesshomaru's armor, as he butted him off the cliff and ripped into the portion of his chest that was exposed above his breastplate.
This sent blood flying up into the air, as the Daiyoukai gave an agonized cry and he was sent free-falling, head first towards the path below.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 09/22/2017 4:55 pm
Excellent! emotion_yatta
Also, that emoji is the best thing I've ever seen. LMAO
Gaia needs more emojis for us to pick from.
I'm always seeing ones in posts that aren't even available to pick from.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 09/22/2017 2:42 pm
Not a problem, my friend.
Things have been hectic on my end as well.
Also, we'll move lemons to the PMs.
I can't remember if you were good with yaoi pairings or not, since it's been forever.
I just need a heads up first, before I can send over the start of our RP.
After all, it'll influence how I'll start it. smile
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 09/21/2017 8:00 pm
Honestly, I miss all the various RPs I had going on with various people.
Some of them had real talent as well, such as The One True Miroku.
If you'd like, I'm all for starting a whole new RP with you. emotion_brofist
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 09/21/2017 7:39 pm
Hey, long time no chat. smile
I was going through old comments of mine and I stumbled upon some old posts of yours.
It sounds like we used to RP together.
Volkov Seraphim Report | 08/02/2017 6:49 am
Volkov Seraphim
Not bad, it's my day off so i' relaxing.

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