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Birthday: 12/31

the story of a boy..

My name is Cole.
I'm a white boy;;
Italian in the blood;;
but a straight-up white boy.
I like girls..alot;;
I love alchohol.
I love cigarettes.
I love sex.
I get scared easy.
I believe I have tourettes;;
although I haven't been diagnosed.
I randomly scream "MUFFINS" alot.
(that's where the analogy of having tourettes
comes from in the first place)
I have many friends.
Oh,and I'm 14.
Talk to me.
I can be a good guy.

no purpose.

"i so do not give a ******** about your prob-....whoa wait....peanutbutter?oh were saying??"emmarose<3 ^^


This is Emma.
I love her.
She's my BFF.
She's been broken before.
She's rlly pretty tho ^^
She can be a b***h,
but it's for the good reasons.
She's awesome.
"pimpin" so to speak<3
ily girl.

This is Lexie.
I love her ^^
She's a major bestfriend.
She cares.
I like to talk to her(:
She can be a b***h.
But I love eet ;D
She likes it when I
call her "BEETCH!"
ily girl.