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When you come looking for me.. I'll be nothing but a faded, distant, ghost of a memory... because you meant everything to me and I was nothing to you but a face so easily forgotten...

Held by my own chains, strung in an X, head hung low...
I am ...
The Forgotten Maso...


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Shadows of a Masochist

A place where I keep my inner most thoughts


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Tiny Bubble Report | 07/17/2017 5:35 pm
Tiny Bubble
Ƴ Ƴ..

Thanks for the purchase! (:
Rissa Unit Report | 07/07/2017 1:38 pm
Rissa Unit
Same here, same here.
Been sleeping so much I'm unable to be on my laptop, unable to read, write, watch anime, etc...
So I hear ya. Recovering from such exhaustion and then getting tired AGAIN, uuurrrghhh it's EXHAUSTING.
Sleeping should make you feel better, not wake even more tired than you were before sleeping. D:<<<<

And YUS! Me too! I plan on trying to post a bit. Not sure how much I'll be able to post, but I have so many people waiting on me. (Including you, obviously~)
I really hope this awake time stays awake time, lol. I seem to always jinx myself with planning replies and getting stressed and then being unable to post and feeling like a big jerk, lol.
I seem to overplan and doom myself, heh... Gotta work on that. xD
Rissa Unit Report | 07/07/2017 1:22 pm
Rissa Unit
I miss you too. <3
And the fun we have posting together. ^-^
I'm going to be trying to be active. Rather, more active... I hate being away from Gaia so much. It's both boring and I don't like making my buddies wait for me to reply or respond to comments and PMs.
I always feel like I'm letting my friends down and failing as a good RP partner. :c

But I do hope you feel better soon as well! It's never fun feeling sick all the time. I wish there was more I could do to help. <3
Rissa Unit Report | 07/07/2017 12:36 pm
Rissa Unit
I'm sorry to hear you're doing so poorly healthwise. :c
I've lost about 40lbs because I forget to eat or my stomach can't handle eating anything filling or sometimes anything at all...
I'm a bit worried this is a type of eating disorder...? I want to eat, but my stomach either can't handle it or I forget.
So the pounds I've lost haven't been lost in a healthy way...

I opened the birthday surprises! Thank you so much! <3
It means a lot. ^-^
*huggles* And I hope you feel better soon! I'll keep rooting for you to feel better! You're a strong person and when you need me, I'll be here for you! <3
Rissa Unit Report | 07/07/2017 11:53 am
Rissa Unit
Hi! *glomphuggles*
I saw your status again. Do you want to talk about it? I know what it's like... Not fun.
I'm sorry for being gone so long... I haven't been well either. So if you want to talk and/or vent with me, PM me! I want to be able to help ya!
You're my friend and I don't like seeing my friends suffer. :c

So if you need me, don't hold back from sending me a message. Okay? <3 ^-^
Rissa Unit Report | 07/03/2017 11:58 pm
Rissa Unit
Just saw your status! Are you OK? What happened?!
Kisekiko Report | 06/27/2017 6:04 pm
It's a recolor of Spellward Of Truth or just search Of Truth. Made it for my husband xD
Rissa Unit Report | 06/26/2017 4:24 pm
Rissa Unit
Thanks for understanding <3
I think I just need to lay down for a bit. (possibly sleep a little...)
A headache & Fatigue at the same time ... they're a recipe for so much disaster. ;-;
so tired...
Rissa Unit Report | 06/26/2017 4:08 pm
Rissa Unit
Aaaaack! I'm sorry!
I get super stressed out randomly and migraines that I deal with so much during the day/nights are frustrating. ;-;

I'm sorry! D:
Rissa Unit Report | 06/23/2017 2:53 pm
Rissa Unit

And *GLOMPS* I've missed you too! 8D


" Pain is the Gateway to Pleasure"


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