smilies/emo.gif I prefer my own company
smilies/icon_3nodding.gif But I love my friends
smilies/icon_scream.gif I am NOT easy to get along with
smilies/icon_stressed.gif Cross me and I'll turn into a dragon
smilies/icon_4laugh.gif But i like making friends!
smilies/icon_stare.gif Just... dont ever...
smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif Dont ever tell me off cos of my english, i know its not good!

I love anime, cosplay, roleplay.
Im a huge computer GEEK, not NERD, GEEK. dont get them mixed up, or ill fly at you :3

And all in all, im not rude (i hope) i just dont accept being crossed or someone being rude to!

oh yeah...

Ima ninja smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

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Report | 10/05/2015 4:24 pm


You dont have internet and nextflix?

Report | 10/05/2015 8:32 am


*super moon and lunar eclipse has passed, regains his monster form*
huh...i guess the super moon and the lunar eclipse has passed, now to- eek
*sees the slaughtered corpses of Corpus security soldiers *
my god how did this happened? what are those...? eek
*inspected the cat tracks left behind a water bottle w/food, large cuts from a scythe weapon and pools of blood and severed limbs*
....tater cat, if she did this then...oh no doesn't she realize she now picked a fight with private milita
if that happens...damn i gotta hurry up and shut down Corpus and make sure it doesnt get any messier than it already is...and maybe properly thank her for aiding me
*Gaia's snaketail appears and looking puzzled at the bloody scene*
look it's a long story far as i know the supermoon and lunar eclipse has passed and im back to normal
now lets back
*returns home to the ruins with water and food left behind*
*meanwhile unaware a UAV Drone was recording the events back to Corpus Security HQ*


Report | 10/05/2015 5:24 am


Work, rp, supernatural is starting this week. Other than that, not much lol

Report | 10/05/2015 4:42 am


No problem. What's up?

Report | 10/04/2015 10:08 am


Happy birthday my popoto!!!!

Report | 10/02/2015 2:11 pm


*lunar eclipse in effect, super moon in effect, Gaialamejay in a mountain clearing*
...hurmph...ahhh gu.. ahhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaa ,nooo...why...hurts so much...
*combined effects of super moon and lunar eclipse reverted gaialamejay into his normal human form,
currently in severe pain magic crackling, in fetal position and vulernable to permanent death*
Corpus Captain: well well what do have here? HQ please respond.
Radio: This is HQ
Corpus Captain: patrol here we found the target and he is in a weakened state shall i waste him now?
Radio: make the monster suffer a slow and painful death
Corpus Captain: Roger that, im gonna bring his corpse as a trophy
Corpus grunt: do you hear that freak, tonight you gonna die hahaha this gonna be fun
Gaialamejay no...stop...someone...h..help... crying
Momma Mei Mei

Report | 10/01/2015 9:42 am

Momma Mei Mei

SMOOCHIES & HUGGLES my sweet EmoNeko heart heart heart :heart
Thank chu so much for the gifties!!! How do I look???? I love it!!!

How are you doing??? I haven't been on here in about a month...Been working like a dam dog! lol
My hubby is home = off work - until DECEMBER!!! GAH!!!
He went into congestive heart failure about 4 weeks ago, & is still home recovering...
He doesn't think he'll be able to work again, so now I'VE got to go find a full time job to support the 3 of us...
OMG... soooo much to tell you, but so little time. I'll try to drop you a pm today or tomorrow!
The only reason I got on today, was I finally got a day off AND Rad wasn't hogging the laptop! hee hee

Hope to catch up with you soon sweetie!
Huggles & love,
Your Momma Mei Mei forever! heart heart heart heart

Report | 09/21/2015 3:29 pm


*several hours later....*
.....ugh my head how did end up back at my home...shouldn't had all them beers...
i had 14 beers...ohhhhh it hurrrrrts so much!
huh? a note...
*sees a note:
You're not a bad monster remember that
~ ThePotatoCat *
hrmmmm...whatever i did must've been some night
i'll just go back to sleep...
*falls back to sleep, dreaming....,
a stripper pole with gaialamejay dancing in a maid outfit
with the song
Booty Bass - Shake that a** Playing
with some ladies making it rain while potatocat with a shocked look*

Report | 09/16/2015 10:22 am


*sniffles* really i..im not bad?
i see...thanks for trying to cheer my drunken remorseful side
..at least i can...*burp* try not to get too spiteful
i can go now...
*walking drunk , having trouble finding his back to his ruins,
and bumping into fences and random things in the neighborhood streets*

Report | 09/10/2015 1:33 pm


*a few beers later...*
*sniffle,s**t faced drunk* w-why no one understands me im not a bad monster ...*hic*
im....im....im just misunderstood i didnt mean to kill those people*hic* r-really im not that bad
*hic* crying


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