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Transmissions from Orion

Musings from the alien with electric eyes.

symbol of atlantis


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The Goth Collector Report | 12/18/2013 11:35 am
The Goth Collector
Hey, whats goin on?
~ Teh CartoonHero ~ Report | 12/12/2013 11:18 am
~ Teh CartoonHero ~
If it's not too much trouble, may have your vote for a facebook contest I'm in? biggrin
Just come to my profile and click on "Vote for me"! ^_^
Thanks! heart
The Goth Collector Report | 10/12/2013 12:01 pm
The Goth Collector
Hey ;D
The Goth Collector Report | 09/29/2013 1:29 pm
The Goth Collector
The background Tom has, it is a custom Gaia background. If you want it or to check out the other crap they have just go to your profile, click 'edit profile' near where you log out and then a table of contents should pop up with options. Click 'theme' and there are different things you can do for your profile. I personally always prefer uploading my own backgrounds, if not, I like their scenic selections like the floral patterns and such. They really should have a black flower one. lol
The Goth Collector Report | 09/26/2013 7:22 am
The Goth Collector
Heeey... can you be on for a while?
The Goth Collector Report | 09/07/2013 2:59 pm
The Goth Collector
Check this out. =]
I will PM you about Reathor, the Pokemon planet right now. lol
The Goth Collector Report | 08/26/2013 8:36 pm
The Goth Collector
Poke survey ;DD
The Goth Collector Report | 08/11/2013 7:50 pm
The Goth Collector
Hey =]
The Goth Collector Report | 07/30/2013 11:02 am
The Goth Collector
Alright I will msg you there.
The Goth Collector Report | 07/29/2013 9:42 am
The Goth Collector
Hey, been wanting to talk to you. I'm talking to Tom right now.



The Goth Collection





As you've seemed to stumble across my profile page, oh lovely Internet traveler, I should probably tell you all about myself.

Things I Like:

Music (like Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Gravity Kills, Project Pitchfork, Angelspit, Marilyn Manson, Psyclon Nine, Ayria, Android Lust, David Bowie, My Chemical Romance, Powerman 5000, Negative Format, Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, Anti-Flag, ya know...punk and Industrial sh*t?)
Man-eating cupcakes
Mind control cookies smilies/icon_wink.gif
Conspiracy theories
The illuminati logo

Things I Hate:

The USA (Or its government)
Over-done Obsession with Japan
Store-bought rebellion (You know who you are)
Quite possibly, even you. smilies/icon_smile.gif

Wait, is someone actually looking at my profile?? *Retreats into evil girl-cave to find nukes and maybe some drinks*

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