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Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 7:17 pm
Oh right. LOL! I will respond to them one at a time.

Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 7:01 pm
I have noise cancelling headphones and a mini DVD player, but the player isn't exactly in an easy to reach place.

Doesn't matter now because she's in bed. I guess I can answer an RP or two. Got nothing better to do. Lol.
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 5:56 pm
It's okay. It's just annoying! I'll see what I can do about it later.
I'm the one who forgot to put my earplugs in. xD
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 4:21 pm
Let's just say I've had enough! >.<
I am beginning to wonder if I should bring a third party person into the police?
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 4:06 pm
She only gets food once a day. I tried covering her, but her owner uncovered her. -_-
She goes to bed in less than a half hour, but she should already be in bed. She has to go to bed earlier than the other, but I guess that fell on deaf ears too.
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 3:58 pm
Thank you for the present btw. It sure is fun to play with. ^_^
I'm going to play around with it later.

I will work on our RPs when I can think better. Damn bird isn't in bed yet or even covered up. -_-
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/27/2017 3:50 pm
I've got some friends online...but not many. LOL!

How are you? Sorry for delay.
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/25/2017 4:18 am
Thing is I love Astronomy and that's the class I got done yesterday.
I just hate fill in the blanks. Lol. Kind of annoying.
That's great! I haven't seen what the lesson is for Herbology, but I do love that class! ^_^
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/25/2017 3:53 am
Hmm....I can get a reply out. I too, need to do Hex homework. Lol.
I tried doing some yesterday and couldn't focus so only got one assignment done.
Had no motivation either. Lol. Gawd, I am tired!
Dark Star Troia Report | 03/25/2017 3:44 am
You're welcome. smile I would keep the tail. That one looks good.
I agree the other tail you mentioned would not look right. Lol.

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