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I love hands, and watches, and the # 47. I look at the keys when I type. I wear sweaters and jeans every day of my life. I'm older than my attitude and younger than my face; I'm wise beyond my years but I'm childish in my actions.  Someday I will be a psychiatrist and I will live in Iceland and I will hang things from the trees and paint bricks on shingled walls. I like messy music with obscure lyrics. I don't think I'm worth much but I'm worth the time it takes to know me- so I make it snappy. I make mean jokes when I think I can get away with it. I'm a bit afraid I may be a sociopath, often I just imbibe the emotions I think will get me what I want- I might be a bad sort of person.

My family is pretty bad, but it really doesn't matter, I'm finally out and my anger is gone now. I like the lakes but an ocean is too big for me. I stutter when I'm nervous, I hate speaking to authority figures- unless I don't. Sometimes I'm really confident, sometimes my personality jumps from sides of the spectrum if I I need it to. I like superheroes, I love the self-loathing ones. I like the idea of a person who fights his or her  fate and darker instincts.  I write or draw when I'm sad and then I hide it under my mattress.  I get jealous and mopey when I see people with happy families or a dad who's really sweet to his daughter.  I'm scared most of the time but I can't stand weakness so I run with it and hope I come out on the other side. I secretly read manga late at night when no one is around and then I delete my history.  I try really hard to be a person people can rely on but sometimes I screw up I owe a lot to the people who can forgive me for it.  I pride myself on being there for people who need me even if it's hurtful to me or they don't return the favor.  I like people with a lot of pride. I also like people who  live in harsh circumstances- even if they come out a little bit messed up. Those are the best kinds of people.

I'm a girl who is hopelessly in love with another amazing v****a... I mean lady.
Yeah that's about it
I'm Katie.




How to Kill a hipster: Tell them drugs and sex are too mainstream for you.

blue jeans femme, baby dyke


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