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Hello! I am The Triwizard Cup, the beautiful and shining trophy awarded to the winning school of the Triwizard Tournament! I was created in 1792, and have passed hands many times since then. I was, unfortunately, turned into a portkey by Barty Crouch Jr. in 1995. I have since been cured of that terrible ailment, but that does not mean you may touch me now. I prefer not to get fingerprints all over myself.

Since trophies cannot type (not even magical ones), I have hired a young witch to communicate my desires. If you'd like to get to know her...
She is a Ravenclaw.
Her wand is a 14½" black walnut wood, with a unicorn hair core.
She is 18 years old.
When not at Hogwarts, she attends university as a physics major.
She loves Potions and Transfiguration.

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