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- Changed my username again. Now known as Neubeginn. FKA: The Hound of Heaven, SiIverwing, among many other things.
- Answers to: Hound, Argent, Francis, Agon, Zeta. Or whatever else is obviously me.
- PhD math student, instructor. Have a degree in quant finance but I've forgotten most of the finance stuff, sadly.
- Fan of music, especially metal.
- Frustrated musician.
- Basketball fan, Lakers/Bruins homer.
- Writes poetry and does art once in a blue moon. Don't hold your breath.
- More info to come.


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kefkadragon Report | 11/24/2017 9:41 am
The songs I've heard on it vary from bad to meh. Emerald sword is in the meh from what I remember. I haven't heard it in a while. You mentioning stupid chorus lyrics got the chorus of last angels call stuck in my head. Their accents make it sound like they say "dwagonlords" and "romantic" in stead of remaining. I didn't know it was supposed to be remaining until probably 3 years later when I looked up the lyrics randomly.
kefkadragon Report | 11/24/2017 8:10 am
symphony of enchanted lands holds up kind of, but that's mostly because Christopher lee is there being his badass self. Also the best (pan?)flute solo in metal. remove those, and you have the emerald sword saga, most of which I hated (at least what pandora gave me anyway). Why did lord of the rings actors team up with foreign metal bands? Saruman with rhapsody, gimli with van canto, if I see a collab between galadriel and nightwish my head will probably explode.
kefkadragon Report | 11/24/2017 7:57 am
That's the first album i ever bought for myself (along with rhapsody of fires symphony of enchanted lands part 2: the dark secret. ah the days where a $20 gift card slap bracelet could get two CDs.). Guitar hero introduced me to them, but pandora cemented my enjoyment. Then i overexposed myself to them over the course of five years and can barely listen to them anymore. I know they're good, but after hearing the same songs over and over for that long they all start sounding similar. I still like the song, but can't really force myself to listen to it all the way through without something else distracting me since that was basically all the music i listened to through middle school.
kefkadragon Report | 11/23/2017 1:35 pm
From the music game thread: "Foreign the currency, your payment in blood to be
Death is the destiny for all of our ways
In the dark you hide away for who or what you can't say
When I see the power of the demon come alive"

Freaking dragonforce? Hell yeah. Finally I recognize some music in a lyric game. Can't remember the song title right now, but I know I've heard it.
cafe au fraise Report | 10/31/2017 2:24 pm
cafe au fraise
MMmm Jane has an incredible DPS build I forgot where I saw it but once you get her to T5, she's insane.

Epis is my DPS/Life Leech anyway and well she's the only one maintains about a million DPS with Priscilla's co-op skill.

My current team's only about T2 and T3 though, once I get them to T4-T5 it'll be insane.
cafe au fraise Report | 10/31/2017 9:43 am
cafe au fraise
I'm telling you that Melo's been keeping him chained, now that he's unleashed, he's gonna go Super Latvian Sayian God Blue.

Also how'se your King's Raid team?

I changed my main team to Priscilla, Laias, Morrah and Epis, but I'm raising a Jane to replace Morrah.
Emo(wned) Report | 10/29/2017 4:31 pm
Oh, wow. I see the resemblance.

Never actually played the series before unfortunately. There's only been a handful of fighting games I ever really got into. Was mostly an Action/RPG nerd.
Llamatized Report | 10/01/2017 3:48 pm

I remember listening to The Tied, The Thief and the River's Edge back when I was looking for more Prog bands. I also found Haken and Riverside during that time, so I guess I clung to them more. But thanks for reminding me of them! I'll definitely check out their new album.
cafe au fraise Report | 09/30/2017 10:00 am
cafe au fraise
Cassandra's supposed to be the Arch killer but they nerfed him anyway lmao.

I would stop right where you are and not get any more heroes unless you need some.

I say, focus on Aisha cause she can become your ultimate DPSer (highest attack cap out of all heroes).

Annette can actually replace your healer if you can somehow use her right although I have no clue.

for me it's more of the same, Morrah is also my tank, with her UW she's ******** amazing. Epis, Pavel and Laias all with their UWs finish my main team up lol, my problem is the leveling system or rather how hard it is to level up heroes in general. I wish I could bel level 80 right now but that's far far far in the future.
yoloswag666 Report | 09/21/2017 3:10 am
but im not!!!!!!!!!
1000%......... song loss


Currently: a wandering exorcist (more info to come)

"Out there, everyone must learn that it takes sacrifice and suffering to find God. It's too easy to come to terms with God as the sun is setting. They have to find Him in the cold and the dark of night. The way I did."

Thank you to anonymous benefactor for the Logical Starguy! <3


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