First off, I'd like to thank iiSun-Winterx3 for my lovely profile layout, along with Klaef and Kamiyama Zhu for the awesome avatar art displayed.

Alright, now to get the show on the road. Please do not try to add me onto your friends list if I don't know you. I'm sorry, but this isn't Facebook or Myspace or anything, and I look for quality over quantity in friends.

Another thing. Please do NOT beg or ask for donations, gold or items. I worked hard to get the things that I have right now, and if you haven't noticed, they currently added a ******** of gold rewards in Zomg. It is WAY easier to make gold now, as I don't want to hear your sob stories about being hacked. I've been Key logged before, so they won't work on me.

I'm currently 23. Think I'm too old for Gaia? ******** off. I'm also currently a BUCA SeaBee of the U.S. Navy. I plan on seeing the world, and using the Military as a stepping stone in getting my life into the better direction.

I have a giant love for anime, writing, literate Role Playing, Camping, and motorcycles, along with Games of almost any type. I love other things as well, but honestly I really don't feel like listing them off for absolutely no reason. If you feel like just some pleasant conversation, or perhaps to start a Literate Role Play, feel free to drop me a comment or send me a Private Message. I'm not a total b*****d, and I wont bite your head off for just talking to me.


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I was expecting you to tell me an epic story about how your chisled minotaur body was sculpted by the day's finest artisans out of pure diamond and glistening sex.
But that's okay too. c:

I'll stop pestering you now!

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How'd you get so shiny~?

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= w =

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Yes, very good.~
Shininess attracts the simple minded.
@ u @

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-Smiles sheepishly.-
Saw that you peeked and wanted to say hi.~
Also, I'm sure you already know but, you're very shiny.

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-Tugs tail.-
Nias the hermit

Report | 05/30/2011 9:09 pm

Nias the hermit

you gave my avatar a poor coment in the art area but is okay when you dislike something it can't be helped.
Nias the hermit

Report | 05/30/2011 8:58 pm

Nias the hermit

lol that bad huh.

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Late Late Late Response: HI, Sexy! What's happening? ;D
Oreo lvl99

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Oreo lvl99

Your avi is cool.


~Beware the spiked pelvic thrust of doom~
I'm also an art hoarder. So I want your art.
Yes, you. Contact me if you want to draw meh!