Well, muh name is Jon. I have two guitars, one acoustic, one electric. I've been playing for about three years, and I wouldn't really say I'm a bad guitarist, I'm just not a "shredding" kinda person.

I cover a lot of bands, like Rise Against, Green Day, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, Staind, and alot more that I can't think of right now.

I'm in a band, and I've missed practice for six weeks now. >>;

The drummer of my band, Jeff, has an account on gaia [jdbhac] if you wanna yell at him.

Muh favorite band is Rise Against. Dun call them emo, [Katie].

I am the leader of a successful clan named The Seven Wonders. You'll see my members' avatars to the right.

I have a Maple Story account in the Windia server. I was a level 24 Swordsman until my friend Zarow [Linden] made me start over because I messed up my DEX. ><

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It's true.

Me in Jeff's basement.

Feel free to comment.


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Everything that doesn't matter.

I love you.

The administrators are crazy for letting me type whatver I want on a blank page and lat the public view it.



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Darth Umbreon

Report | 05/29/2008 10:14 pm

Darth Umbreon

The summer's going good. Working hard, chillin' on Gaia...stuff like that.

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hmmm you look cool

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You little weirdo XDD
Ms Dahlia

Report | 08/08/2007 7:09 pm

Ms Dahlia

-glomps- <333 Yo. ^.^
-H i p H i p H 0 r r a y-

Report | 08/01/2007 8:19 pm

-H i p H i p H 0 r r a y-


Where have you been?!

a twilight end

Report | 07/31/2007 9:35 am

a twilight end

I guess it's not.
a twilight end

Report | 07/31/2007 7:48 am

a twilight end

Scott wants you to make your profile viewable for the public because he's to lazy to add you on to the account hes currently on.

I say don't do it and make him add you. User Image

He's a lazy boy.

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I'm not 'pg 13', and I 'troll.'

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That's the spirit Jonifer. User Image


I asked one draught of earlier, happier sights,
Ere fitly I could hope to play my part.
Think first, fight afterwards-the soldier's art:
One taste of the old time sets all to rights!

-Robert Browning-