>>I don't like the fact you are looking at my profile and assuming there is something for you here. I'm not looking for friends. I am here to hoard items. I am not looking for understanding or any sense of the word. A lot of you persons may or may not have noticed, but if I am online, I am talking to someone. Chances are if you wander pass and say "Hi" ...I'll stop just to make your day A LOT worse.
You have been warned.

------Cliff notes on this person:

►Username: The Song Of Love
►Common Nicknames: Song, Love, Song Bird, Lust Song, "That b***h who [x]"
►Age: 5x = 95
►Gender: Gender mutual
►Location: In a room.
►Orientation: Doesn't matter. I hate you all.
►Zodiac: Capricorn {♑}
►Status: N/A.
►Personality Traits: Blunt-- to a fault, mean-spirited, Vulgar, Sadistic, Suprisingly shy and kept to self.
►Do you even Roleplay?:



"Step back a few inches, my sword needs room to breathe."

[»]True Name: Jaquier "Viper" De La Cruz.
[»]Nicknames: Viper, Vicky, Jakie.
[»]Affiliation: [X]
[»]Occupation: Documented placement-- unknown. Presumed Hired muscle.

[»]Appeared Age: [X]
[»]Actual Age: Twenty five
[»]Date of Birth: Winter month, Christmas Day.
[»]Gender: Alt. lifestyle.
[»]Sexuality: N/A.
[»]Place of Birth: Dominican Republic Lab Center.
[»]Race: Shadowed Spawn -- Pure untainted Vampire.
[»]Height: Five feet, five inches
[»]Weight: Some odd 200 pounds
[»]Build: Her strongest muscles lay within her legs, they are very toned. When comparing her form for the sense of fashion , she is an A-line shape.
[»]Skin Color: Pale in color-- Cream.
[»]Eye Color: Deep Frosted Blue
[»]Hair Color: Onyx.
[»]Bust: 38 C
[»]Hair Length: Short. Due to her breed, it grows within an alarming rate, but she keeps a Constructed pompadour as her signature style.
[»]Hair Style: Constructed Pompadour when cut. Free-flowing when uncut.
[»]Defining Facial Features: Razor cut face-- very strong and surprisingly masculine in it's angular form.
[»]Dominant Hand: Right.
[»]Speech Patterns: Sharp toned. Very quick in approach with no wasting of time with fancy words.

⊰Family: No direct affiliates.

[»]Marital Status: N/A..

[»]Birth Father: Hanzal Dranok. Sperm donor for the Vampire cultured Project S.O.U.R. "Save our unique Race." Pure blooded within race. No other data available.

[»]Birth Mother: Of human race, in an attempt to culture and create High breed Vampires without two Vampires in accordance, she was an embryo implanted into the woman Rosilita De La Cruz...The result did not run smoothly. She is now deceased.

[»]Siblings: N/A.


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»]Saucy, though reclined.
[»]Hard-working. To the point of fatigue.

[→] Likes:
[»]Dark areas.
[»]Music-- as a sense of a poetic message behind it.
[»]Swords-- Broadswords.

[→] Dislikes:
[»]You, most likely.
[»]Long periods of socialization.
[»]Staring...No seriously, dont stare.

[»]Bad Habits: She fidgets when uncomfortable and goes into a fit.
Not very trusting of anyone.

She has placed victory and her other passions over the needs of others in the past though being a sworn defender of all who breathes air.

[»]Good Habits: When urged, she will attempt at helping...But it takes some effort, very corgial when in the presence of higher figures, and she is a neat freak.

[»]Temperament: She is always in a sense of losing her mind, edging closer to insanity every time she feels uncomfortable or feeling en la media res of a conflict, perhaps her work is to blame. She is very fragile in reality and deals with death often...Seems it hardens a female. no? When upset, it is IMPOSSIBLE to calm her down. Just let her panic spell calm down and give her a glass of Vodka.

[→] Friendships [Allies]:

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]:

[→]Brief Biography:
[»]Data on De La Cruz, "Viper" is limited. File Error 40.22

⊰Offensive/Defensive Traits: Unavailable at this time. More data needed for analysis. Presumed Offensive in stance.


[»]File Error 40.22. File deleted on accordance to S.O.U.R.


[»]Recorded with two handed sword with a savage jagged edge. File error. Error.


[»] Satchel and Cape.

[→]Combat Theme:
[»] Conflict-- Disturbed.


Identification: MeiMei "Musette" Kylandanari
Age: Est. 21
Date of Birth: Late winter, end days.
Race: Dark Elf—healer.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: something, something…Straight side…
Relationship: N/A
Family: No direct Affiliates.
Friends: Corvoe; Krevchan. Perfected human battle unit.
Aliases: The Prayer Warrior, The healer, Lady Judas
Occupation: Bandager of the wounded, Keeps Records of kills, injuries and deaths, solicitor of prayers.
How I stand [Height]: 5"5
How I stay standing [LBS]: Don’t even ask…
Shape: Festively plump. *glares*
Skin Color: Pale blue pigmentation, almost transparent
Eyes: Varies-- Steel Gray, Iced Blue
Hair: Gray blue; the gray being at the upper portion/crown of the head, the blue being at the bottom end, sometimes the gray blue appears black depending on the lighting. Usually straight under her cowl. Middle length.

Playing Dress up: Her robes are more preferred for the comfortable feel and heavy protection from harsh weather. She also wears a nun’s garb, and medical garb as other choices. Though some say she is prone to dressing as someone else to not be asked to heal people too close to death. She primarily wears white, blue and in the case of her new job, darker outfits.
Noticeable differences : Aside from the blue hued skin, she has a cross like symbol on her left hand, the brand continues on her lower arm. She simply notes it as a brand, but no brand ever turns out THAT perfect. She is prone to wearing long gloves and bandages to keep it hidden.

Personality: Noble and painfully shy, however she is less so in the company of friends. She has been known to cling onto her teammates for protection. Be warned, every good Prayer warrior carries a sword on her hip.

The Shepard’s Crook [Weapons]:

☼She wields a standard long sword for reach. The blade has been prayed over for purification purposes. There are sword breakers dampened in the sword for her advantage due to her defensive nature in battle. This is her mid-ranged weapon, so she stays a good shouting distance with it.

☼Though she carries a staff from time to time, it converts to an enlarged bow—She is highly long ranged in battle with this weapon, but can fire “Believers’ Arrow” at her opponent as many times as she wishes, these being made from her magic. When desperate, she will begin firing “Bane’s arrow” an arrow made of her blood and more pungent bile. When the Bane’s arrows come in contact with her enemies, they vary in effect. Bane’s Arrow being named after the various types of Bane flower that are poisonous, Wolf’s Bane, Apia’s Bane, Etc. Believers’ arrow being named for her assumed religious ties. Her blood is surprisingly acidic due to the immunity she has built up from poisons she works with.

☼Apothocary’s bag: She carries a satchel of poisons on her side for quick escape.

The abilities:

-☼Hand of Judas—primarily for medical work, this ability is slow acting when under stress. Her mark on her hand emits the healing ability… but sometimes it malfunctions…and the life is taken.
-☼Shepard’s Quake—A sword ability; it is known to split the ground and promote distance between the enemy and her. Helpful for her mid-ranged sword fighting and Long-distance Arrow work.
-☼ Bane’s Arrow, Believers’ arrow. [See above for better explanation]
The skills:
-☼Medical work; Simple surgery, First aid, Medical herb therapy, et cetra.
-☼Licensed Priest; Able to read last rights of victims and fallen comrades, send simple prayers, commit bodies to final resting place, and take confessions if need be.
-☼She has Minor work with poisons and still studies them.

Brief Biography:

Musette was born into a life fit for the best of sinners, as all are born in sin. She spent a majority of her younger life in the darker side of elven world, simply out of right. The woman was born with a dead hand [Judas’ curse] considerably…The mark of the Traitor. Because of her hand, she was not easily considered when she asked to learn of the healing arts, yet she knew her head and her heart sound within a higher power. She was not shunned for her decision to try, but it proved tiresome to explain how she had the mark of Judas on her top hand, yet no affiliate to the darker arts… No direct affiliation at least...
She now struggles to seem innocent to others while her dead hand throbs in the wake of sin. Musette spends her time learning of the world through her religious ties and medicine.

Words from the Shepard:

“My hand is evil just as any man born in sin. Yet I choose to ignore its call…”
But…For how long…?

►Religion: Baptist Christian-- Self praticing.
►Fandoms: Furry: Anthromorpic and Plant-personalities.
►Lifestyle: BDSM
►Turn-ons: I dont precisely know...
►Likes: Not much.
►Dislikes: A lot.
-- Top three: Liars. Cheaters. Disrespectful males.
--For a comprehensive list, please PM me.
►Loves: Chocolate.
►Music: All.
►Talents: Bi-Polar b***h-- we can do as we please.

►Tittle your Private Messages when you want to talk.There is a subject line for a reason.◄

----A guide to dealing with the likes of I:

**Random friend requests are met with you being blocked.
**I really dont like anyone disrespecting me. Do so and be met with the pixelated power of ignore.
**Catch me in towns, you might get a conversation if you aren't a floating f*****t.
**Rude PMs are met you with being blocked.
**Profile comment notifications are turned off. I read them, but rarely reply
**PM's are read, but often not responded to.
**Using private messengers to bug me gets you blocked. Dont beg for gold via any messenger. I do not donate to anyone anymore. Do not ask for a donation, do not ask to trade for something I am wearing.
**For the sake of time, if you are making comments, be blunt. Being coy gets me annoyed, and gets you blocked.
**I dont like noobs, noobs are blocked automatically.
**I like Newbs, newbs are met with kindness and rare ocasions-- gifts.
**Again, just dont send friend requests. I doubt you are worth it.
**If I inform you, within my blunt nature that I am not in the mood to talk. Back away slowly...

Got it? Bueno. You learn fast.

Thats all for now--Now go beat that meat!



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