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Basic Information

My parents named me: Skye Viridian

I'm currently: Eighteen Years Young, Baby!

I have eyes the color of: Blue, various shades

My hair likes to be: Brown/Dark Brown but it changes variously to different colors

If you're blind I'm a: Female

People like to call me: Skye, Skye High, Skyaiyiyi

I was born on: July First

In the: United Kingdom

What Else: She is Spiritually Aware, meaning she has a strong sixth sense and can sense and see ghosts and spirits and all things like that

I Use This Face: Faceclaim for Skye is Skye Sweetnam.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A Complete and Total Prankster, Loud, Kind, Caring, Easily Amused, Emotional, Mildly Insane, Protective, Optimistic, Creative, Moody At Times, Gentle, Strong-Willed, Happy-go-lucky, Childish, Bubbly, Hyper, [Cheerful, A Big Klutz, A Bit Clueless, Troublemaker, Intelligent], Determined, Mischievous, Curious, Fast Learner, A Bit Of A Flirt, Adventurous, Sadistic, Dark, Cryptic, Obsessive At Times, The List Goes On and On.

Life Story

Born in the United Kingdom (which means she has a UK accent), Skye was a total prankster, right from the start. Early in her childhood, the girl became fascinated by practical jokes and playing pranks that it was drilled into her mind shortly after she could walk. Growing up, Skye was a troublemaker. She even had a few run-ins with the Police because some of her pranks got out of hand. But Skye was a good girl. She was kind and caring and never put anyone in harms way during her pranks. Though her parents wanted Skye to be more 'proper', Skye just couldn't hold back her wild side. Her Mother is a pianist, which means music became a large part of Skye's lifestyle though she took a more... modern approach to it then her pianist Mother.

Shortly after entering high school, Skye and a couple of her closest friends started their own band, Phase Shift, with Skye acting as the Lead Singer as well as an Electric Guitarist. Everything was great in her life... until she got sick.

Very early into her life, probably around when she was 6 or 7, Skye was afflicted with and diagnosed with a disease known as Getsuyuu Syndrome, or Luna Sedata Syndrome, along with several other young children around her age.

Shortly after being diagnosed with Luna Sedata Syndrome, Skye started to show some of the symptoms common to it, like wandering around at night, being affected by the moon, or experiencing some memory loss. These symptoms continued until Skye's parents had no choice but to send their daughter to the local Hospital/Institute on a local Island with many other children like her so that she could be studied and hopefully cured. The plan didn't quite go as well as everyone had hoped but for a short time, it seemed Skye was alright.

A possible cure was found in the form of an ancient dance performed during the early days of the Island to help calm the moon, it didn't seem to help Skye's case. Not at first. The Nurses of the Island's Hospital/Institute had to resort to using Music Therapy to try and help cure the Luna Sedata patients and it seemed to work on Skye to a degree. But Skye's parents were on the verge of panicking.

When they couldn't take it anymore, and when they found out some 'dark' things about the way the Hospital/Institute worked, Skye's parents had decided to bring Skye home, and tried to find a Hospital there to help their 10 year old daughter.

Things seemed to work for a few years, but then Skye started to show signs of semi-mild to mild violent tendencies. This escalated to the point where Skye (now 13) had actually severely injured both a Doctor and a Nurse in the new Hospital during one of her 'moods'.

Her parents took her out of that Hospital as well and kept Skye at home for about three years, under strict supervision and prescribed medication. It worked for a bit but then things started to get bad again. They eventually learned about the place known as Deep Hills Asylum. Thinking only about their daughter's welfare, Skye's parents decided to send the now 16 year old girl to this place in hopes of FINALLY finding a place that could help heal and cure their daughter.

It had been almost about a year since she was sent there, and though she has not yet been cured, Skye (now 17) had managed to keep in control of the Luna Sedata Syndrome to the point that she was still in the first stage (yet on the verge of getting to the second stage) of the disease, but still suffered from semi-mild to mild violent tendencies. She, of course, had yet to severely injure anyone else and instead took her violent moods out on a wall or something inanimate before calming down.

And then, one day, she broke out. It was an insane escape and not without a few casualties. She had been planning it. She hated the place. She wanted out so she got out. But instead of going home, knowing her parents would send her right back there again, or somewhere else, Skye decided to run away, taking with her only a few possessions and some money in a bank account her Father had created for her a while back.

It's been a year since then and Skye, now eighteen, is still wandering about, creating havoc and causing trouble wherever she goes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Luna Sedata Syndrome (Getsuyuu Syndrome)

An ailment that cause victims to suffer from encroaching memory loss and mental confusion. The disease begins mildly, with symptoms such as mild memory loss and sleepwalking (dubbed "moonwalking" to be simple). When the moon is full the patients begin to wander, searching for moonlight; if they cannot find moonlight they become frightened and unstable.

As the disease progresses and the symptoms become more severe, the patient's memory is almost totally gone. They will attempt to reach windows or rooftops to catch a glimpse of the moon and expose themselves to moonlight. Eventually total memory loss occurs, and they will constantly ask to see the moon. The only known way to cure the disease is for a special ancient dance to be performed to calm the moon.

There are several symptoms of the disease that can be viewed in the afflicted, like Skye (The * symptoms are the symptoms Skye experiences);

*~ Wandering around at Night
Sufferers will start wandering around during the middle of the night and sleepwalking.

*~ Affected by the Moon
The phase of the moon affects the patients. At certain times, the symptoms will become worse or agitated. Patients will often seek out the moonlight.

*~ Mild Memory Impairment
Initial symptoms will also include mild memory impairment, forgetting important things.

*~ Fear of Mirrors
Also known as Budding; patients become frightened of their own reflection. (Which is why Skye tries to avoid places with mirrors and will try to avoid looking in mirrors unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. Though this still often results in her freaking out at her reflection)

*~ Obsessive Behavior
Patients form deep attachments to certain items. Some will collect multiple objects, whereas others will cling to one in particular and keep it with them at all times. (Skye is obsessed with Music Boxes and always carries one around with her that plays her calming song)

~ Externalizing the Self
A few patients, feeling that they are losing their identity, will use a doll to "store" part of themselves, so that it will not change. (Skye does not seem to show this symptom)

~ Suicide/Death
Some patients kill themselves deliberately so they will not have to face the loss of all their memories; others endanger themselves trying to get closer to the moon, and die accidentally. Others die of cardiac arrest. (Skye has not yet suffered this symptom in the slightest)

There are FOUR stages to the disease;

~ Budding; The victim would become frightened of their reflection, as if they saw something else in the mirror. This is the stage before "breaking", which was when the patient would truly begin to lose their mind. (This is the stage Skye is at and has been for a while though she is on the verge of moving to the second stage)
~ Breaking
~ Resonance
~ Blooming

A temporary cure (meaning it calms her down for some time) that is known to work on Skye is as follows;

Music therapy ~ Music, or specifically, a special song played through a Music Box seems to calm Skye when she is freaking out and nothing else seems to calm her. This doesn't happen often, though she will still possibly listen to the song at night just because she likes it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


ღ Streaking her hair whatever color she wants, usually pink
ღ Flirting with the cuties, heehee
ღ People who are nice to her
ღ Making friends
ღ Playing around
ღ Having fun
ღ Peppermint Tea and Green Tea
ღ Warm weather
ღ Drawing/Writing (When not pranking)
ღ Playing Guitar or Keyboard
ღ Singing the odd time
ღ Dancing
ღ Music Boxes
ღ Knives of all sizes
ღ The Moon and Moonlight


☠ People ruining her pranks
☠ Rude people
☠ Getting needles of any kind
☠ Being yelled at
☠ People who ruin her fun
☠ Being put on the spot
☠ Being alone
☠ Coffee
☠ People who think their better then everyone else
☠ Getting into trouble she can't get out of
☠ Getting caught in the act during pranks
☠ Cold Weather
☠ Thunder and Lightning
☠ Getting touched a lot (whether inappropriately or not, she can only take so much)


- Astraphobia or Astrapophobia; Fear of thunder and lightning
- Coulrophobia; Fear of clowns
- Claustrophobia; Fear of enclosed spaces
- Nyctophobia; Fear of the dark or of night/Nyctohylophobia; Fear of dark wooded areas or of forests at night
- Acrophobia/Altophobia; Fear of heights/Aeroacrophobia; Fear of open high places

Miscellaneous Information

~ Skye tends to sleepwalk sometimes during the night. It's not something she's proud of. Especially since a time she had accidently wandered into the street back home because of sleepwalking. Luckily she didn't get hurt

~ Skye has a great fear of being left alone or left behind. Loneliness is frightening to her, especially if she is in a place she does not recognize. She does not like being left behind either. If there is something that is going to happen that can put those she cares about at risk or something that seems interesting, she wants to be there

~ Skye's secretly a romantic at heart and is often thinking of finding that special 'someone' at some point in her life

~ She has a great fear of heights though tries to hide it, even when faced with heights, but will noticeably anyways

~ She may, at times, have some fainting spells due to her disease and they can happen at the most random of times

~ She can sense and see ghosts and spirits and may sometimes have 'visions' if she comes into contact with anything connected to a ghost of spirit


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