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I have been anon gifting for several years. I only recently set up this profile to make the process a little simpler. I am not terribly wealthy, but enjoy gifting when I can and usually with impromptu poetry.
Occasionally I may post some of my favorite poems (sent or received) here.

A selection of Anon poems of the past

Under the Egyptian sun's rays,
During the long Summertide days,
Upon time's forgotten sands,
The forbidden palace stands,
An oasis for tastes discerning,
A sanctuary for your yearning.
The anon celebration commences,
Let the Mistress feed your senses.
An event to experience together,
And memories to treasure forever.

-The Sidewalk POEt Anon

Salutations leafy diner,
The Veggie Club is green and finer.
Vegetarians all delight,
And chant our creed with all your might:
"Leaves, seeds, shoots, or roots,
Flowers, juices, stems, or fruits,
Regardless of the plant that nourished,
Be glad that noble veggie flourished."

The Valorous Eaters of Greenery

Welcome fellow creature eater,
To the Meat Club meet and greeter.
Here's the creed you are to take,
When feasting on your yummy steak:
"Baked, grilled, broiled, or fried,
Braised, roasted, boiled, or dried,
No matter the method that is applied,
Always eat the meat with pride."

The Honorable Association of Meat-eaters




Special thanks to Musical Mouse, my partner in crime.