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I have been anon gifting for several years. I only recently set up this profile to make the process a little simpler. I am not terribly wealthy, but enjoy gifting when I can and usually with impromptu poetry.
Occasionally I may post some of my favorite poems (sent or received) here.

A selection of Anon poems of the past

Poem 1
To Nautical Fox

My is purpose is to find today,
This odd new creature without delay.
It was a strange twist indeed,
When my target drew me to the seas.
Each movement brought a flashing glare,
With silver shimmering streaming hair,
She danced like sunlight on ocean swell,
And I pursued my nimble belle.
And when at last I caught the fox,
I presented her with a little box.

Poem 2
To Navean

I hoped the sight was a mirage,
A ghastly, beastly, and torn visage.
My instinct was to run in fear,
But instead I went to spread some cheer.
A gift I bear to soothe at least,
I gave it to that dancing beast.
The gift it seemed was well received,
My doubts were gone and I believed.
A wondrous crazy monster found,
We howled and screamed and danced around.
That day I found a kindred heart,
I hoped that it was just the start.
The thing was wild I must confess,
But it's ways I do not now protest,
For in it's crazy dance macabre,
I found a joyful bounce and throb.
The pulse of life was beating there,
Beneath it's bloody matted hair.
It seems our parade is at an end,
I bid farewell to my frightful friend.

Poem 3
To Abusive Panda

When she arrived, she was so cute,
And playful, quick she was a hoot.
I let her in without delay,
And made a friend that woeful day.
A good idea, this was not.
she ran a muck and claimed her spot.
She took for hers the veranda.
That crazy vicious lovely panda.
She was intrusive, often yes,
And at times abusive i do confess.
But I do not ever think regret
When I think back on the day we met.



Special thanks to Musical Mouse, my partner in crime.