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All right then. Introductions. I'm Grimmjow Jeagerjaques... I'm an Arrancar... I'm also an Espada member... Number 6 bitches.

I have my likes and dislikes... Though I have far more dislikes... so lets starts with them. I hate all food except meat. I hate the b*****d who calls himself our "leader"... Not that I voice that in his presence of course... I'd be killed on the spot... I hate that smiling fox that's always with him, he's creepy... And I ESPECIALLY hate that ******** a*****e who always talks about "justice". I swear, he can go ******** die. I'm still sore about him CUTTING OFF MY ******** ARM!!! ... Ahem.... I also hate the stupid emo b***h that does EVERYTHING Aizen-sama asks him to... He annoys me. I also hate that stupid redheaded twit who I always end up fighting... -_- The list goes on and on, so I may as well quit with my top few...

Now, for the few likes I have... Wait, should I really reveal those?.... I think I'll leave a few out, seeing as I'd never hear the end of it from Nnoitra or Szayel if I didn't... Alright then, I like fighting worthy opponents. If they aren't strong, they aren't worth my time... I like killing stupid lesser hollows for the hell of it... It releases lots of stress... I also like annoying the people around me...

Other things to know... I'm bad tempered and most things piss me off with relative ease... My zanpak-to is Pantera, Spanish for Panther and japanese for panther king... It's command is Kishire, or Grind... Hum... That's all the basic things people should know I suppose...

Oh, and by the way, I have a significant other and I'm gay, so to hell with you all if you can't accept that.

This is the link to my Roommate's Art Shop. BUY SOMETHING. SO HE'LL GET OUT OF MY HAIR.


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My Shitty attempts at writing

This is where I'm posting my writing. I know it's shitty and needs lots of ******** help. So sue me. It's my first time writing something. The brat said I should write the story he and I came up with since I had most of the details. Thus, I'm trying,


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LucreciaTatsumoto Report | 04/05/2015 7:49 pm
hey grimmy biggrin long time no see! How have you been? ^^
X_iZEN_X Report | 01/13/2015 10:40 pm
Good to hear that :3
i hope winter is treating you well; stay warm T uT
X_iZEN_X Report | 01/12/2015 8:18 pm
Yo! How's it been hanging :> ?
X_iZEN_X Report | 10/14/2014 9:41 pm
hopefully things will continue going up hill :3
X_iZEN_X Report | 10/08/2014 9:58 pm
Yo GrimKitty-kun! How's it been going for ya :> ?
The Little Blue Noble Report | 08/30/2014 1:02 am
The Little Blue Noble
damn its been ages since I have talked to you! >.> how are you doing?!
X_iZEN_X Report | 07/28/2014 7:25 pm
Doing so so... you know how work goes ^^;
X_iZEN_X Report | 07/27/2014 8:22 pm
Hi! How's it been hanging :3 ?
kanibalas Report | 06/17/2014 4:06 pm
Hey you.
Sinful Ways Report | 06/14/2014 4:56 am
Sinful Ways
No problem! :3
Also, Christened King's Cool Proud Locks is good for Grimmjow's hair.
The dark blue hair pose not the light blue one.
And you can even use the the Light version for human Grimmjow's hair.
Thought I should share that with you.




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