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Les Affaires de Madeleine

I'm completely obsessed with all that is art related; it's one of the few things that
I'm actually passionate about. I have a great love for fashion, photography, music,
and natural beauty. I take comfort in the small things and try to see the good side
of everything.

"I have just one day - today - and I'm going to be happy in it."


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The Atroxious Report | 06/07/2011 5:55 pm
Ahah, yeah, working with an intent, and thinking about what you do as you do it is definitely important. You won't know how to do something right until you know what you're doing wrong, or for that matter, that you are doing something wrong. My biggest problems are that I don't have focus, and I don't have drive. This goes for just about everything, actually, but it's most frustrating in self-moderated activities. I can deal with it to some degree, but it also means that I'll probably never be a professional artist. I suppose it doesn't bother me that much. I'd honestly rather be a taxidermist instead.

Oh, dude, I know what you mean. Impasto seems so popular, but I really don't care for it myself, with a few exceptions. I like me some smooth surfaces and graduated brushstrokes. Even if the shading is a bit blocky, I still like a smooth texture over all.

I'm really glad you see them that way. While it's true that I find deformities and unusual features and body types fascinating, I absolutely hate the objectification that sometimes comes with them. It's like, too often people will refer to the character by their appearance before anything else, and that just seems awkward to me. I don't know why. I like to see Lex and Pravi as people who happen to look unusual rather than just weird looking characters, if that makes any sense.

The Atroxious Report | 06/05/2011 12:51 pm
Ahaha! Thank you! If only I could draw people the way I draw dragons, but then, I didn't even start drawing people until I was twelve, and not anywhere near consistently until I was seventeen, so that might be why. I'm making up for it lately, though. XD

Feran Pravi's hair is <3.

I'm only just learning to draw them properly myself, actually. They do have some pretty tough designs, but I like said designs too much to change 'em, ahah. It's funny because I'm trying to work up the refs to my vision, and to get some new ones, and I'm fairly happy with how they're turning out, but I get scared that I'll overwork them and mess them up, and then...ugh. But I am getting better at their designs at least, and maybe, just maybe I'll soon have some decent (coloured!) refs for 'em.
Syrella Report | 03/11/2011 5:54 pm
Oh, I saw your thread. Just wanted to say... ask Errol how he made his lightbox. ^^ He made one recently and I'm sure that he would gladly tell you about it if you asked.
Sock Drawer Demon Report | 01/20/2011 4:40 pm
I shall follow them all, and await your updates eagerly. smile
Sock Drawer Demon Report | 01/20/2011 4:17 pm
Hey, I saw your art and really want to see more! Do you have an online collection at all?
Kupocake Report | 01/11/2011 7:35 pm
D'aw thank you. XD You don't seem to change your avatar much? Or maybe I'm just not very observant? o.o
TECHNICOLOURS Report | 10/17/2010 11:05 pm
Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD.


Lastro Report | 10/13/2010 9:31 am
Checked out your DA. Liked your progression so now I'm watching you.
TECHNICOLOURS Report | 10/11/2010 9:57 pm
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TECHNICOLOURS Report | 10/11/2010 4:40 pm
I could be that stylish... if I lived in europe...