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Rey is a Jakku scavenger, abandoned as a child by her family on the desert planet for reasons unknown to her. She learned her trade from fellow scavengers in the employ of junk boss Unkar Plutt and taught herself how to read starship schematics, speak several languages and fly on a flight simulator using a computer she managed to salvage. In spite of the harshness of her upbringing and her surroundings, she has never lost her sense of compassion and wonder nor the hope that her family would return to her. When a Resistance droid carrying the map to legendary hero Luke Skywalker appeals to her help, Rey answers the call and finds herself drawn into a galaxy-spanning conflict. She learns she is more than just "no one". She has a greater destiny shaped by the Force.


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francissujide Report | 02/12/2017 10:41 am
Thanks for buying! blaugh
allmostanyone Report | 12/20/2010 2:19 pm
No, i should thank you ^^
they are very cute.
m3ntalist Report | 12/06/2010 9:57 pm
OMG Pocky Report | 12/05/2010 10:13 am
OMG Pocky
Likewise. ^^
OMG Pocky Report | 12/05/2010 7:46 am
OMG Pocky
Castiel agent of God Report | 11/24/2010 3:55 am
Castiel agent of God
I'm rather confused and don't want to make a mistake when I sell them. When you are in the section of "Sell an item" where you decide the buy price, with the tickets, and say I want to sell them for 13 gold per ticket-- I have approx 4500tickets... would I say that the buy now price is 15 gold.. or would I find the complete total of ALL the tickets and put that in?? I suspect it'd be the absolute total but I just want to be sure... (Thank you for the heads up by the way!)
Castiel agent of God Report | 11/16/2010 6:40 pm
Castiel agent of God
Hmm. I find it hard to see her wearing anything but jeans. razz It doesn't look exactly out of place if that's what you're worried about though. Like, she COULD be wearing the outfit I guess, but yeah.
Castiel agent of God Report | 11/04/2010 8:40 pm
Castiel agent of God
(Lol. Noooo. Got one last exam to do and I'm so terrified for it! It's worth 65% of our final grade and if I fail it I fail the entire course!!! Geez. Er, I wonder-- at which point in canon is your Anna from? Perhaps Cas shouldn't have been pleased to see her? I wasn't sure what to make him say so I just used one of his quotes from the show. Almost want him to say something about "Still... we do have a history" lol

500k?! Wtf?! Even if I wanted to buy it for you man, I couldn't! All I got is 1.5k. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll buy it for you if it goes down some, or I can give you what I have when you've accumulated enough for yourself.)
Castiel agent of God Report | 11/04/2010 7:08 pm
Castiel agent of God
Anna. It is good to see you.

(She looks amazing!! How much is the angel blade? I'll get it for you!)
Castiel agent of God Report | 10/31/2010 2:31 am
Castiel agent of God
[size=9]Wow, you know I REALLY was running on empty. I was lying around the other day when I just remembered all the crossroad demons and deals with devils. I suppose I was thinking more about those sort of... bouncer/hitmen demons that you see lumbering around. Sort of like the one that confronted Dean and Sam in season four, just after Dean had come back from hell and then Castiel went and burnt out her eyes. Like Ruby, or demons that possess people's bodies and go around causing trouble. The ones that hangout at crossroads, making deals did not occur to me AT ALL. Wow. Weird.

I know. You'd think that Castiel would be able to sense SOMETHING. Is it weak to say that the reason he didn't is because it's GOD and if anyone can hide in plain sight, it's HIM? Like.. he's God, he can do absolutely ANYTHING. Including pretend to be human and get away with it lol. I don't know. Sorta goes with the idea that Chuck as God was a late-addition to the show. Sort of like Dean and that chick Lisa. It's rather annoying, it's become this big THING season five.. or wait, sorry. Season six I should say. (I keep on losing track of which season is which). Anyway, Dean's thing is that he's all conflicted because he wants to stay with Lisa and Ben (he's staring to see Ben as his own son) but he's afraid that to do so would put them in danger. He's afraid that if he stayed he'd start to turn into his dad, keep them hidden away to avoid danger. And, I dunno. I know Dean has wanted a family in the past but I thought he knew and ACCEPTED that that's just not an acceptable lifestyle for him. It wouldn't work. He KNEW that. He LIVED it and suddenly he wants to be a family man? Granted when he's there with Lisa, the thought of his brother being off, hunting alone seems to sorta bite at him but still...Geez. People are saying that Sammy's changed but to me, it seems like Dean has too. But then, again I suppose that's what happens when you live a completely different lifestyle for a whole year... you change. Ugh. And then there's the whole, something is wrong with Sam, he's acting WEIRD.. he came back from hell DIFFERENT. He's all cold and ruthless. It's the same brotherly-angst that has been done, over and over and over again. That's a pretty common thing that I've been reading on lj recently, that they're just repeating the same old. Instead of going forward, the characters have gone backwards and it's like all this amazing character development that happened like, 2 seasons ago, has been forgotten and they've back to square one. I dunno. Rehashing the same old storyline. I don't know. But frankly I'm getting sick of not knowing what's up with Sam. It's like they want to make it into this really big, suspenseful thing but it seems too forced to me. Too... I dunno, boring, six episodes later. Thank God we finally found out what's up with Sam but still.

Do you know if Kripke is still producing the show? I remember reading somewhere that he didn't want to go beyond season five and that they did anyway and he's not producing anymore. Like, Jared called him 'cause he wanted some direction with an episode and Kripke was like, Nah Jared. You probably shouldn't call me about this anymore-- call Sera Gamble, she's the head honcho now. And, I dunno. It went a little downhill last season too but it just feels DIFFERENT this season. Someone else is in charge, probably.

I didn't meant that they LACK emotions. My perception of angels is that they DO feel-- just not in a way that us as human beings...are capable of comprehending at the level that we are. What they feel, is something that goes beyond classification as anger or jealousy or joy or whatever. It just IS. And what most of it is, is love. Not jealousy or anger or hatred because, I think, those are very human emotions and are things that one needs to overcome in order to evolve and grow as a human being. I dunno.
Definitely though, they gotta be more altruistic and loving than the angels we've seen

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