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Report | 06/01/2014 3:55 pm


i knew they were gonna have them sooner or later P: just didnt know when xD

awww yeah i still have all my pokemon stuffs xD
cards, plushies, games <3
but yeah i stopped buying pokemon stuff as well. the only thing i get is the games also
except pokemon x and y ;w; since i do not own a 3ds D;

Report | 06/01/2014 3:48 pm


but it's so...pretty~

hopefully a lot biggrin

I really like this shade of blue as well. I actually have another top that would go nicely with it that is goldish and blue (like the rest) but I dont know if I like that much detail or not...let me put it on and you can ahve a say, I kinda like the simpleness and the fact that its a gold shop item over a detailed cash item, but ionno... its the same style... @___@ what do you think?

oh, I see xD yea. but you have to consider your neighbors ^^

aww, I get a LOT of crumpled paper as well, dont worry, your luck will change. atm I am finding caches after cahes, someone if sending TONS of cache singles to the dump atm. try it out ^^


Report | 06/01/2014 3:20 pm


they are, but they are so...attractive ;D

well, its a fun idea and good to know its working ^__^

so we're basicly sharing the same feelings then ^^ I know this set looks like it belongs together, but they are all unique and it makes me happy ^^

you're not allowed to do what you want? o_o =/

random note, I just got a philosophers cache pack (the 1000 one) from the dumpster dive O_O ...that's 50mil right there!! O_O never say DD isnt worth the effort! XD
it will take forever to open those xD


Report | 06/01/2014 2:44 pm


I heard that a black hole did a number on time, but I think time is trying to stay away from it now.

oh sounds like fun ^^ did you get a lot of gold from it?

well, one item to make a whole outfit rarely is fun. but sometimes gloves and shirt or maybe pants and hair...or something like that.

I know what you mean. there is no place like your own place.


Report | 06/01/2014 2:05 pm


no. time is a spoiled brat and never listens to anyone =(

oooh, sounds interesting, I will check that out for sure!

it depends on what item it is. I dont mind using...lets say zodiac eyes and pants...or soemthing, but in general I try and use different items. that being said, some items look really nice together as a set and hating it ONLY because its a set is a lil....silly I think.

oh, you live with your parents now?

exactly my thoughts xD


Report | 06/01/2014 1:05 pm


yea...hurry up time! tell us your secrets!

wait...what? XD how does that work? O_o

yea, how times have changed. a lot of them are also made to be worn together...still some people despise avatars that have 2 of the same items because its...ionno...predictable? its a big nono in the avatar forum x_x

yea, and its MY place...so people wont go barging in for no reason. I have so missed my own place out there.

haha, only 10m eh...oh how times have changed xD


Report | 06/01/2014 12:06 pm


we can always hope there will be a REAL event, not jsut switchem xD

doing that nudity achievement?

some people think its good that you use gold shop items, but yes there is a crown out there that shames you for it.

yea, but the screeming children all over isnt XD seriously I have 3 kids within 30meters that are less than 2 years old. that means LOTS of crying. all times of the day >_<

its a delicate balance xD

mkay, I guess Ill have a look at that...just to support the goldsinking....still need to save up tons for my quest items... *sigh*


Report | 06/01/2014 11:47 am


wasnt that the summer event? do you think we will ahve a summer event?

I want this gal to be sentai (that's why im dressed in blue ;D )

yea, and people who notice you weraing a gold shop item quickly point it out and ask if there isnt a cash item that would look the same/better. crying its like gold shops are dirty or smelly or something ._.

well, Im gonna masha giant bed in there, and then some storage space...but hopefully I will have space for a desk of some sort, I really arelly want to have that. its a summer house so painting should be allowed, right? ;D

yes of course. that's what I mean, and that's why I think the original language will always be best. ^^

they're not doing efficient gold sinks, just small halfassed one. they only take out about 0.00000001% of what they put in via the new games and rigs.
oh? is it a nice one? what's the name of it and price? ^^


Report | 06/01/2014 10:42 am


I see. events must really really suck for you then sad *pats*

apparently that was a bug so you can get all achievements. good - cus the wayt they were before made no sense XD
you just have to be converted to each team once (at least) and then convert or be converted 25 times. so yay, I got them all biggrin

haha, yea - this is one of my favorite outfits. its so simple but matches so nicely. (and I even wear a cheapo gold store item rofl )

some pictures were taken at 10-11pm so they are a lil dark xD
User Image
User Image

User ImageUser Image

its only 10m2 and the other house you can see in one of the pictures is the main summer house where the kitchen is and my parents sleep.

writing in general is best in its original language but poems extra much so. but it is complicated. x_x it is nice if more people can read and understand... ..complicated!

damn, flynns plunder is one of the best gold sinks they have...and that is pretty sad sad
several gold rigs at the same time is just...beyond stupid sad


Report | 05/31/2014 12:46 pm


aww, getting the higher lvls really is close to impossible without cash sad
and I agree, the items now arent that epic, but its a decent dress in a base color I guess.

well, you COULD get all the achievements as long as you wrote that sentence while not being in a team...or something messed up like that. totally random.
I have mules on both sides so no matter who wins, I get something > biggrin

thank you <3 I would probably look at some truly black pants if I wanted it to match better, but Im lazy and I like these jeans xD

yup, that's it ^^ I took some pictures that I plan on uploading soon.. (gawd Im lazy today!) but I can show them after I upload them if you wish ^^

I dont really like the idea of translating poetry at all really..unless the poet did it. I mean, the poet probably worked hard (hopefully) on choosing the perfect word and that usually dont translates well.

since when did they put in a good goldsink? I think I have yet to see a truly good one. the loyal shop, DC and the halloween event took out riddiculously small amounts to be called a gold sink really.


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