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Sultry Prowler Report | 08/31/2015 6:41 pm
Sultry Prowler
Oh god yes, Kanye's announcement lol. Miley going too overboard on her clothing and hosting MTV then got called out by Nicki. @__@
Sultry Prowler Report | 08/31/2015 1:59 am
Sultry Prowler
You can watch don't starve on youtube c: and yeah it's just like that actually lol. Sorry! gonk honestly didn't see a notification that you commented me back. sad
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 10:48 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
Mhm. Im a nervous wreck when it comes to horror films. AWESOME! I am so glad. I grew up on all Disney movies. My first Disney movie would be Sword in the Stone. Aladdin was a close second, Little Mermaid, Marry Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty Bugs Life and Toy Story. I enjoy a lot of old Tv series. I love the Golden Girls, The Nanny, & Home Improvement. As for sports I am fan of Volleyball, Swimming and Ice Skating. I enjoy Summer Sports & Winter Sports. Its always a thrill for me to watch the Olympics. I really wanted to watch Flash and Arrow! I am a huge fan of the Flash and also Green Arrow. I adore them. As for Animated TV, Kim Possible, SD Gundam, Spiderman The Amazing, Teen Titans, JLU(Justice League Unlimited) Batman & Robin also Batman TV series, Star Butterfly vs the Forces of Evil.
-cracks a smile as you laugh- Did I forget to mention that I am a huge Star Wars nerd? xD
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 10:09 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
LOL! He should! I don't really like Horror films at all. Unless its like the Shinning. But other Horror films scare me. I get terrible nightmares and wish someone would hold me.
Other movies that I love is Back to the Future I,II,III. I am a huge fan of that trilogy!
I always tend to watch old Disney movies too. Robin Hood, Sword in the Stone, Toy Story I,II,III, Mulan and much older films. I do enjoy the newer ones too. Frozen, & Inside Out.
I loved the Lion King a lot when I was a kid. Plus The Little Mermaid, Aladdin I, II,III, Sleeping Beauty. My favorite Disney Princess would be Aurora. My favorite Prince would be Prince Phillip & Prince Adam.
I know Im a Disney Dork. gonk sweatdrop [You can laugh now...] lol What else do you enjoy watching? TV series? Sports? Olympics? -smiles at him-
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 9:38 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
Lol! Sounds normal to me! -cracks a smile and laughs- Yeah I can totally see Bruce shaking his hips in a pevilc motion. -smiles at you and floats around- Well I like to make home made chocolate chip cookies. Im not a pro at baking but I make it work. I made this random Apple Crip Cobbler but it turned out differently than the recipe but tasted great. emotion_sweatdrop
-hugs back and holding you above the ground- Movies.. Lots. Im a huge Disney fan. Anything Disney to Indiana Jones, Studio Ghibli films, action, drama, love and fantasy. What about you? 4laugh
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 9:25 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
Oh. Well I am with a friend in towns right now but I might leave soon. Towns is super laggy tonight.. Grr. -shakes fist at lag and towns-
Lol! Really? I took a color fundamental class. So I like know combinations or colors, their complimentaries and secondaries. So its really cool.
I know right? Im such a sucker for good home made chocolate chip cookies, macrons, peanutbutter cookies, chocolate drops and lemon bars. emotion_drool emotion_kirakira
AWE! -gives a warm hug- emotion_kirakira When I talk to you it feels like I have known you for years. emotion_hug
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 8:22 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
Earlier tonight I felt lag just by commenting on a page. Something might be wrong with the site. sad
Awe! Shucks! I was hoping to join in a little bit, but if everyone left then I wont come. cry
Lol, really? The two colors that make violet/purple. As for the food, I totally agree! Sounds good! yum_pizza yum_cupcake I have a huge sweet tooth. So its hard to resist cookies or cakes anywhere. emotion_sweatdrop
You sound like an awesome person! redface
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 7:47 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
I was thinking of playing Pokémon ORAS or Soul Calibur 3. Sounds lovely! I may join everyone again! I do enjoy hanging out with all of you. So sweet you all are! -smiles big and tugs on your arm happily-
My favorite food? Lots! lol What I love to eat is Sushi, Pizza, Home made Fried chicken, Asian salads, Udon noodles, Raspberry cobbler, Chocolate sundaes and Choclate in general.
My favorite color is Royal Purple. I look good in it and its beautiful! -smiles nudges him gently in the stomach with my elbow- What about you handsome? emotion_kirakira
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 7:14 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
-giggles at you and beams a happy smile-
I know right? Absolutely hot! burning_eyes
Its slightly cooled down now tonight. Like mid 70s. Thank goodness~ Phew! emotion_sweatdrop
For me tonight Im going to hangout online tonight or play a game or two. smile
What about you? -rubs his head gently-
vIII- Lightning -IIIv Report | 08/28/2015 5:44 pm
vIII- Lightning -IIIv
Sounds like a nice day. Well had fun seeing my brother visit and his awesome girlfriend last night.
So they stayed over and I saw them this morning until they had to do their own thing. Hopes to see them both on Sunday. smile
Its super hot where I live today so I am trying not to fry in my house. The temp said it was 102. crying -screams-
But I have had a pleasant morning/afternoon. I am happy that you are happy! emotion_kirakira
I am so very glad that you are! Yay!! -hugs and smiles-


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--Computer boot up
AGE: 17

Disclaimer: While I'll cosplay several versions of Tim Drake. My leave off with him is with his 2009 series Red Robin towards it's end where he knows who he is. I'm a fan of the new 52 as well because I do love the character but if you plan on role-playing with me I ask you inform me on which continuity Tim you want me to play as or I'll just assume his cowl-ed role.

Having discovered Batman's secret identity, Tim Drake fought crime in Gotham City for years as Robin, the Teen Wonder. Now. Emerging from the shadows of personal tragedy, he is flying high as Red Robin.

If you've successfully done as the first line told you to. Congrats. I can only assume you did if you're reading this and no it's not too late. This will probably be on the only ooc line on this profile.
Ask for my skype, twitter, snapchat if you want it. That is all.

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