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Kingdom Hearts II - Rai aka Raijin

Raijin makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II, along with Seifer, Fujin and Vivi Orunitia from Final Fantasy IX. The four together make up "Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee", and are antagonistic towards Sora, although once he saves them from the Nobodies they show more respect towards him. He is referred to as "Rai". He still keeps his speech patterns, saying ya know after every sentence.

In the Japanese version Raijin is voiced by Kazuya Nakai. He is voiced by Brandon Adams in the English version.
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The Story (Final Fantasy VIII)

The Story

Raijin(雷神) is a Member of the Disciplinary Committee of Final Fantasy VIII
His main friends are Seifer and Fujin who are also known as his "Posse".
Raijin(雷神) was raised in Balamb Garden along with his Posse Fujin & Seifer.
Seifer is the leader of the Posse then comes Fujin and Raijin.
Seifer and Squall have been in constant conflict since they were kids in the care of Matron also known as "Sorceress Edea".
After Seifer starts to date Rinoa, he goes on some weird trip and goes after President deling since Rinoa dispised him so much and boy was the Committee in for it then.
While all that was going on, Sorceress Edea takes Seifer under her wing.
Not long after that, the Posse became entangled in the web of the sorceress take over.
Eventually Fujin and Raijin found themselves in a fight with Seifer's nemesis Squall and his party of SeeD's from Balamb Garden.
This is not the the last encounter Fujin & Raijin had with the Seed's but much less, how the story really began, for Raijin.



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Fujin & Raijin vs SeeDs from Balamb R1

Fujin & Raijin vs SeeDs from Balamb R2


I haven't been up to date on anime or gaming, so don't expect me to know every anime or game character, ya know?
More than anything I am a cosplayer an con goer.
I also do video work and music so I'm quite busy, however I do show up on gaia atleast 6 days a week, ya know?

Now as far as what to expect from my personality, I cosplay with this profile, so....being that I cosplay as final fantasy VIII's boss Raijin, I will be nor a super good person or a super bad person so don't take it personal, ya know?

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