Love Somebody

The True Mad king
The Queen of Sins
XThe PumpkingX

I am a demon and a furry.
Most call me a shape-shifter.

A romantic to the core.
Book nerd and writer.

A few little details about yours truly:

Sexual Preference:
Pansexual [All is love]​
Living with a white wolf. 3.6.2010
Dating a red/blue fox. 1.22.2014

Been a Member of Gaia since 1/15/2006.
Eight years!

I have:
Five piercings.
Three in left ear.
One in right.
One in tongue.
Plan on getting more.

One tattoo on my back left shoulder.
Plan on getting more.

I am The Queen of Sins.
Call me Queenie, Sin, or Kit.