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Report | 06/26/2014 5:56 pm


hey bro whats up
did you always have this username?
its been a while since I been on xD srry
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Report | 05/16/2014 6:40 pm

Saiyan Knight Mk-II Turbo

Rockin' dat Jiggaboo Nation, doe. <3 Racial Equality. O uO
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Report | 04/24/2014 2:53 am

handsome phantom

handsome phantom's avatar

Report | 04/14/2014 3:21 pm

handsome phantom

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Report | 04/13/2014 8:58 am


ahhhh, you are so gorgeous emotion_drool
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Report | 04/03/2014 1:26 am

l Want To Be Your Canary

i saw the christmas tree and i was intrigued
snapchat me more of your things
l Want To Be Your Canary's avatar

Report | 04/02/2014 4:40 pm

l Want To Be Your Canary

i am most certainly
a booty man

i added you on snapchat btw. lurking.
l Want To Be Your Canary's avatar

Report | 04/02/2014 2:01 pm

l Want To Be Your Canary

we're both terrible people

i'm a lifeguard. its great. i spend all day looking at butts.
l Want To Be Your Canary's avatar

Report | 04/02/2014 1:17 pm

l Want To Be Your Canary

I used to do that too when my parents weren't home to let me in after school
then they'd go nuts at me for it emo as if I was supposed to sit outside for an hour, waiting for them to get home
What did you do today anyway
I was late for work
by an hour
l Want To Be Your Canary's avatar

Report | 04/02/2014 7:32 am

l Want To Be Your Canary

I'm on the bus on my way home from work and I have a strangers Staffordshire terrier sat in between my legs
I am King Doge
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Report | 02/02/2014 9:39 pm


Are you back on Gaia now?

Sorry it's just that I remember you from the GD.
Sheggorath the skooma cat's avatar

Report | 03/21/2013 4:37 pm

Sheggorath the skooma cat

*Sneaks through leaving a whiskey bottle as a present*
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Report | 02/27/2013 1:01 pm

Its Meark

Oh wow. It's been that long since we've last talked? Yeah I did but I didn't I quit the next day because I needed a car to do my sales even though they said it wasn't door to door, plus it was finals week and they wanted me to start right away. I also heard a lot of bad things from the company so it was all just bad haha.
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Report | 02/26/2013 7:57 pm

Its Meark

No problem. biggrin I hope it was funny and you enjoyed it.
What's up. I always love these random chats when you are here on Gaia.
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Report | 12/26/2012 8:46 pm

Its Meark

Ah I see.
Oohh what kind of MMO's? I haven't played one in a long time. Probably last year haha.
I got a job too but then quit. Selling knives isn't for me since I don't have a car. :
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Report | 12/10/2012 8:01 pm

Its Meark

Oh hey! Long time no talk. Where have you been? xD
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Report | 12/05/2012 3:37 am

HM3 Brown

got hurt playing football
HM3 Brown's avatar

Report | 12/04/2012 6:09 pm

HM3 Brown

im good. just a lil beat up
Noctis Fatalis's avatar

Report | 12/04/2012 4:42 pm

Noctis Fatalis

It's because you're only a basic friend.
Noctis Fatalis's avatar

Report | 12/04/2012 4:35 pm

Noctis Fatalis

I'm so removing you from my profile now.
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